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  1. Hey everyone.

    I'm currently a CNA, trying to land a unit secretary or a medical secretary job. Most of the unit clerk jobs around here require that you know medical terminology, so I would really like to take a course. The medical terminology course at my local CC is $650, (I don't want to pay that much) and it's 5 months long. I really would like to take an on-line course, so I started researching classes on-line. I found a medical terminology class offered on-line that's only $65.00. The link to the course is here:

    ^Does the course seem legit? I won't need a "credit" for the class, I just want to learn the medical terminology to apply for jobs. Should I pay money for this, or just buy a book and study on my own (will employers care?) Thanks in advance. :spin:
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  3. by   nurz2be
    I think it looks ok. It isn't a lot of money, says you will get a certificate. Some employers ask if you have a medical background or if you took course work and this would show that you had some type of "schooling" in the subject. Besides if you are planning on being a nurse sometime the class sure would help you out with that as well.

    I would ask the unit supervisor if they want "Proof" of coursework.

  4. by   kukukajoo
    I will try and check tomorrow what book we used in my class when I took it. It was a self directed class- we only went in to get tested each week. Very easy to follow and comes with tapes that were a huge help. We did one to two chapters a week.

    I listened to those tapes everywhere- car, house and even played while going to bed/sleeping.

    You could just buy the book and save money.
  5. by   itsmyturn
    Do you have technology centers in your state? That is where I took my med term class...250 bucks with books.
  6. by   MikeyJ
    I would think that being a CNA is enough exposure to medical terminology for a unit secretary job. Almost any job description in a hospital says "knowlege of medical terminology", but I can guarantee you that most unit secretaries are not going to need to know large unique medical words. So if I were in your position, when you do the cover letter, I would include that you are a CNA and thus have knowledge of medical terminology.
  7. by   TiredMD
    Two of the hospitals I worked at as a CNA offered a variety of courses to staff, and one of the frequently-offered courses was in medical terminology. If you are currently employed at a hospital, check the list of continuing ed courses. Most hospitals have an education department run by an APRN, and they can be great resources to help you out with this kind of thing.

    These classes were always listed as being for RNs, but when I called the course director they were always willing to let me in.
  8. by   kukukajoo
    HERE is a good site for medical terminology.