McMaster Post RPN?

  1. Hello!

    I was wondering if there are any nurses out there who have done/are doing the McMaster 3 year Post RPN program? Not the ones offered through Mowhawk/McMaster or Connestoga/McMaster, but the one offered through McMaster alone?

    And if so -- how did/do you enjoy it? Was the PBL hard to get used to, or excel at?

    Thank you!
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  3. by   island40
    Enlighten me please. What is a Post RPN program?
  4. by   rant
    It's a RN briding program, for RPNs to achieve a BScN.
  5. by   Fiona59
    In the province of Ontario, LPNs are called RPNs. In western Canada, the term RPN is for Registered Psych. Nurses.

    In Canada, LPNs do not have the bridging to RN options that their American counterparts have. We have to apply to a BScN programme and are usually admitted as second year students.
  6. by   linzz
    I was admitted to the post RPN program but had to put it on hold for this year - sigh. Anyways, there are some threads in the Canadian nursing section which discuss what PBL is.

    From what I have read, PBL is done in a group. The group is given a problem to solve with the guidance of a tutor. I am guessing that as a group, you would be required to do your own research and be able to explain and back up your solutions to the given problem.

    I am thinking that PBL is likely taught in a similar way whether you attend a University or a University/College program as everyone will all write the same CRNE, which if I am correct will now contain short answer and multiple choice questions.