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Hi everyone, I just saw the ER episode in which Mark Green dies. I remember reading about it from you guys ages ago but I am an Australian and we just got it. You all said it was great and as usual... Read More

  1. by   jevans
    OOPs I am so cross I missed it!
    just goes to show! more dedicated to the job!. NOT UNUSUALfor me

    I do not even know when I have a day off and I do the off duty. Went on duty 20/7 to find out dat off 21/7

    Am I dedicated or just daft? no answers necessary
  2. by   Kayzee
    I for one will miss him on the show, but you know life goes on.:spin:
  3. by   night owl
    OOPs sorry. Never watched ER in the very beginning. H*ll Keri's been on for so long and her crutch too, I thought she may have been an original...
    What the heck is w/ that crutch??? Does she really need it? Wasn't she in a car accident or something like 4 years ago? Yeah, she gets on my nerves too! She's lucky no one has shoved that crutch up her you know where, but if I had to work with her, I'd at least give it a whirl and make her head spin!
    Mark Green was a great Doctor. Do they even have any Doc's that come anywhere close to him or do I watch too much TV? I actually have a Dr. Romano, but he's nothing like the ER Romano. I just love that show. It's on every morning...for two hours from 9-11. I never last 'till...:zzzzz
  4. by   Mama Val
    Yeah, it was a tear jerker. I went thru the box of kleenex and started on a roll of paper towels, couldn't help it.
    Kerri uses the crutch d/t a childhood illness...polio I think, but wouldn't that make her older considering when the disease was wiped out???? Notice how the doctors on this show come and go but the nurses are the ones that have been there forever, now who is the "loyal employee"??
  5. by   futureccrn
    The only original cast memebr is Noah Wylie (Dr. Carter). Dr. Lewis left for a few yeears so she doesn't count. Keri Weaver didn't come to the show until like the second or third season. She is a bytch from he!! that's for sure!

    Yeah the nurses that they show on a regular basis are originals but they never give any of them a story line so it's hard to remember that they exist.

    I wish that they'd bring back Julianna Margulies and George Clooney! Pay them a million an episode and maybe they'd consider it. Hey if NBC can pay the six leading cast members of Friends a million per episode then I think that they should pay the ER cast the same!
  6. by   Sami*RN
    OMG!!! I cried even at the preview commercials. I was sobbing in the very first scene. I'm not usually a cry baby, but my husband thought I was losing it!!! That show has a very special place in my heart.., it's the reason I became an ER nurse. True, it's not incredibly realistic, but I love it. Hmm.., I might just go get the tape and watch it again!! lol
  7. by   Robin61970
    Hele' the nurse( The older black woman) is original also I do believe.....she is still there right?
  8. by   Mama Val
    The other nurses are Chuni and Malik and there is one more I can't remember (older female with the blond hair, married to the cop). Chuni was sleeping with Green at one time just after his divorce.
  9. by   colleen10
    I really liked the episode and I did cry through pretty much the whole thing.

    But, did anyone else get a really creepy feeling during the last scene when he passed away and he was walking through the empty ER?

    I still get shivers thinking about it. For some reason that scene really struck me.
  10. by   RoadRunner
    I personnally broke into tears when Carter read the letter of Mark, followed by a letter from Elizabeth "Mark wrote that yesterday, he died this morning...". A three pages letter, put on the board, in the wind of the entrance door.
  11. by   Robin61970
    I boo hooed through that whole episode......I guess for those of us who have watched the show since the beginning it was like losing family.....or even for those who came in on other seasons, but it was sad......
  12. by   RoadRunner
    Originally posted by Robin61970
    I guess for those of us who have watched the show since the beginning it was like losing family.....
    I'm not the only one! It's a little embarrassing to let a television show get to me like that :imbar! I'm not watching tv a lot but whenever the character on the shows I watch are leaving or (much worse!) when the show comes to an end , I feel almost like I've lost a friend.
    His my life really that boring!?!?!
  13. by   rebelwaclause
    Awwww Dang....When did it air? Man...I knew once I gave ER a vacation something would happen! I guess I'll wait for the reruns....