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  1. My hospital announced at a general nursing meeting this week that if their malpractice claims related to nursing errors continue, they will be requiring all nursing staff to carry their own malpractice insurance in the next year. The hospital will no longer provide insurance, protection or assistance if we are named in a lawsuit. In other words, we're on our own.

    We have been told that the state of Tennessee has the highest rate of nursing litigation in the country, and that even unit secretaries are being sued for having not taken orders off fast enough. The nursing suits are related mainly to documentation errors, and frivolous claims by patients and families.

    Has anyone else experienced being told this by their hospitals? If they require us to cover ourselves, I will not work there anymore.
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  3. by   NannaNurse
    nrsjo.....Every place I have worked....over 23 years...have never mentioned 'covering me' with malpractive insurance. I never considered it a 'benefit'....I have always.....ALWAYS....carried my own MP insurance. That way, I know that I am covered and will recieve fair,equal treatment, if I ever need it.
    I refuse to depend on insurance coverage provided by my employer. Don't trust them.
    If your happy at your job, don't quit just because they don't provide MP thankful that your 'eyes were opened' and feel more secure that you are in control of your own coverage.
    Good luck. I hope I never need to use mine, but I will always carry it. $98 per year is a wise me.
  4. by   TaraER-RN
    I carry my own too...although I am also suppose to be covered through the hospital and I think part of my union dues go to this? But I only pay $85 a year for my own, and at least I know I will have it if I need it!
  5. by   sunnygirl272
    anyone who thinks that their employer's mp willprotect them is too naive to be a least an allnurses nurses should carry their own mp ins in this age of lawsuits...
  6. by   Totone656
    Got my licence last August and before the licence was 24 hours old I got my own malpractice insurance. The cost is minimal as compared to a lawsuit. Why would a nurse not carry their own policy?
    In fact, I clicked on an advertiser here on the site and <POOF> insurance! You wouldn't drive in Memphis without car insurance, why would you work with out the same protection?
  7. by   CATHYW
    I was told in LPN AND RN school that a nurse should NEVER depend upon their institution to provide malpractice insurance for them, or to expect the institution to stand behind them if a suit were to be filed...
  8. by   nursegoodguy
    I was told by an x employer that I was anyone working for the facility was automatically covered because if anyone was sued the facility would be sued too and would have to cover you as an employee?
    Anyway, I too go along with the "don't trust your boss thing" I carry my own too. You might need protection against the facility you work for rather than a patient...
  9. by   deespoohbear
    I have always carried my own malpractice insurance. I would never trust my facility to back me up in case of a lawsuit. Heck, they don't back us up now when stuff happens, I can't imagine them coming to help me out if I was named in a lawsuit.
  10. by   Nurse Ratched
    The facility would hang you out to dry first chance they got. Sounds callous, I know, but if they can prove that you were not following hospital policy to the letter in a situation that went bad, they can make a case that you weren't acting within your mandate (that's not the word I'm looking for, but it's the only one coming to mind) and therefore were not covered by the hospital's policy.

    My hospital carries insurance, but $89 a year buys me peace of mind that I don't have to rely on an unfeeling corporation.