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something i noticed while going through the nursing program was every male nursing students fear and dread of the obstetrics floor. in fact, one man in my class was not even able to participate much... Read More

  1. by   Shotzie
    In reference to the question about male vs female OB's...
    If you were to examine the stats you would find that more and more, OB medicine is becoming a female profession. As women find their own voice, many are saying they do not want an unknown male to care for them in such an intimate way, either as nurse or MD. Some male med students are even having a hard time finding enough patients to fulfill their clinical requirements.
    If you doubt this, take a look at the OB/GYN thread on the student doc forum:http//
  2. by   Kim44
    I had a baby last year. My Doc is male. I had a male student in L&D and a different male student in PP. The gender of my caregiver makes no difference to me. I only want someone who will take good care of me, and get my baby safely into the world.
  3. by   mrdoc2005
    I work as a tech on a renal floor and have had several females request no men. Also, have had this happen in clinicals. Some guys get mad about it, but it does not bother me at all. I just view it as the patients right and do not take it personal.

    I will have to say that I had a female doctor when I was a young teen (12 or so) and I was uncomfortable but was to you to know that I had a right to say no to her.

    I guess maybe that is why I have no problems with a female telling me no. Also, I have had 1 tell me no and the next day ask for me. I don't know if she thought she hurt my feelings or if her daughter ( a RN ) made her feel bad about it.
  4. by   smileystudent
    My opinion about male OB/GYN drs. changed. When I first started getting exams they were always w/ male drs. so I always excepted the slightly rough and a little ackward treatment as well as not taking my complaints of pain or discomfort of symptoms I have been experiencing seriously. Till a couple of yrs. I happened to see a female dr mind you I had seen male drs for 10yrs so I knew nothing different. But when I had the female dr things were sooooo different. She was gentler, less intimidating, MUCH quicker at the exam. When I think back I wonder what those men drs were looking for geez. And the female dr took my complaints seriously and ran some tests to see what was happening. It was something simple but after all these yrs I had convinced myself that I was dieing because the male drs weren't listening to me.
    For male nurses I wouldn't have a problem because I feel nurses in general listen to the patients more than the drs do anyway.
  5. by   rollingstone
    A nurse should be able to pursue whatever specialty they have an interest in. If a patient requests a female-only nurse that's their choice. There's plenty of work to go around regardless.
  6. by   Tony35NYC
    If a female pt verbalizes discomfort with having a male caregiver, its her right to ask for somebody else, but its ridiculous to say that male nurses have no business being in L&D. I've never heard of one case where a female pt made a fuss about being examined by a male physician, and the physician's examination of the female GI/GU systems is far more invasive than anything a male nurse will ever do. Most OB physicians are men, and as far as the physicians are concerned, these female clients are just another body to diagnose and treat before moving on to the next. Why should it be assumed that male nurses are any less professional in their ability to deliver care and support? I also don't understand the reasoning that men are incompatible with one's 'personal philosophy surrounding birth'...what exactly is that? If men are so incapable of providing care and support, why are more and more guys are in the room with their wives/girlfriends throughout delivery these days?

    I'm still a student, and so far I haven't encountered a female pt who says she prefers to have a female nurse but if it happens I really wouldn't care because there's always another patient who needs attention.
  7. by   nurseunderwater
    Quote from Tony35NYC
    I also don't understand the reasoning that men are incompatible with one's 'personal philosophy surrounding birth'...what exactly is that? If men are so incapable of providing care and support, why are more and more guys are in the room with their wives/girlfriends throughout delivery these days?
    i knew this would happen....

    tony - the guys are in the room because they have an emotionally intimate connection with the women giving birth...

    as far as not understanding my "personal philosophy surrounding birth" - if you don't get what i mean, you don't get what i mean. I was a clear as possible and will not defend my beliefs to you :stone . well, maybe if you come back with a vagina next time (or a more open mind) we can have a nice chat.

    reread my post an maybe you can gain further insight to what i was really saying, not what your brain told you you read.

    as far as women not prefering women over men as ob's maybe you need to reread smileystudents post as well.

    good luck in your persuit of understanding..

  8. by   shodobe
    My only question is---WHY? I just don't get the reason why a guy would want to work in that environment. I have been doing this for 27 years and never could understand the appeal that L&D has for "certain" men. We had one guy a number o years back try to force himself into the Labor room only to be told NO by adminstration. I really don't think he had the patient's in mind as much as he wanted to prove a point, he lost! I work with female patients day in and day out in the OR and have never had one ever tell me they did not want me there. The only time the subject was ever brought up was when one of our Muslim doc's wife was going to have surgery. He knew me and one other guy worked in the OR and he asked us, as a favor to him and his wife, if we would not go into the room. I would not have gone in even if he had not asked because of the religious background. I think if a male nurse wants to go into the L&D, he has to ask himself, who is this for-the patient or myself? I personally think it is for the guys own crusade to try to set a precedent. Male nurses have no business in the L&D, I don't care for what reason. Women in general should know they have a place to go for privacy. This is only my two cents worth and usually isn't even worth the two cents! Mike
  9. by   nurseunderwater
    WHOOOOOT - Mike
  10. by   mobileLPN
    Perhaps they desire to go into L&D for the same reasons female nurses go into it. The whole helping bring new life into the world thing, the opportunity to work with relatively happy patients, etc, etc...
    OB, and womens health in general doesn't appeal to me, but I have much respect for my colleagues, male or female who choose to work in that area.

    "First they ignore you,
    then they laugh at you,
    then they fight you.
    Then you win." - Mahatma Gandhi
  11. by   nurseunderwater
    why can't they go work in the nursery???....i mean that's a touchy feely kind of place too..
  12. by   mobileLPN
    Maybe it's because they want to. It completely boggles my mind that we are even having this discussion. If you as a patient want to request a different nurse for WHATEVER reason, fine that's your right. If you aren't comfortable, please make it known. No nurse that I know wants to take care of someone who doesn't feel comfortable. Like someone said earlier, there's plenty of work to go around.
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  13. by   missyb
    Quote from nurseunderwater
    why can't they go work in the nursery???....i mean that's a touchy feely kind of place too..

    I don't know where you get the idea that you can dictate what field a male nuse can enter, just because you have a problem with getting help from a man doesn't mean the rest of us do. Personally I didn't care if my care giver had 3 arm and came from outer space as long as they helped me and my baby.

    The nurery is nothing like helping a baby into the world to take its first breath. BTW in most hospitals around here the babys room in with mom the only time it goes to a nursery it goes to the NICU.

    The kind if discrimination you are talking about is what women have been fighting against for decades; to deny the same rights to men is just plain wrong. IMHO
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