Magnet hospitals--feedback request

  1. I've been hearing and reading about Magnet Hospitals off and on for some time, and found a link using Google that lists them.

    I am wondering, for those who have direct, personal experience with them (as a healthcare provider, as a patient, as a family/friend of a patient, etc.) whether they seem significantly better to you than your ordinary dysfunctional hospital, or if gaining the "Magnet" certification really serves to distinguish them at all.

    Are they as short of nurses and having as many difficulties recruiting/retaining them as other hospitals are?

    Does working in them bring back some of the pleasure I dimly remember from long ago that used to predominate in nursing?

    And so forth.

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  3. by   chicory
    My hospital just won Magnet status recently. I honestly don't know how, unless other hospitals must be even worse. We are understaffed, underpaid, treated like crap..morale is in the toilet and we find the Magnet banners everywhere very ironic indeed.
    Maybe some areas of the hospital are better..and I just don't see it.
  4. by   chicory
    And furthermore...we have a very high turn over, the new people leave as fast as they appear. A few of us old-timers remain..the rest are floaters, prn and new grads. Day shift is better, they are at least usually better staffed. Our management is very non-supportive and cold
  5. by   fedupnurse
    Sounds like Chicory works in the same Maggot Facility where I work! It means CRAP!! Magnet status means that the suits dotted their i's and crossed their t's. It is clearly no relfection on how well they treat the staff. Look at how the staff is treated. The credentials don't mean squat! Morale in my facility and entire health system is lower than ever.
  6. by   Gomer
    A hospital in my area is a magnet hospital and advertizes itself as such. It is also one of the most inferior health care providers in the city. I must agree with fedupnurse when she wrote "...the suits dotted their i's..." -- and in the hospital that I am referring to -- the suits are also nuts!!
  7. by   eak16
    my hospital is magnet (three designations in a row- yippidy doo!)
    I must say however, I that I like the place. Our staffing seems to be under control (Med surg has a four patient per nurse cap, is that good? I am not very experienced)
    A lot of nurses i know moved here from other hospitals and like it better, but of course there are a plethora of issues just like anywhere else. Probably when you get down to it magnet really is jsut a suits thing. Rather than looking at a banner, talking to the nurses would give a better picture of how they are treated.
  8. by   sjoe
    eak16--yes, a 4 patient cap is good. That's what I used to have back in 1992.

    Thanks to all of you for relieving me of one of my few remaining illusions. I always prefer seeing things more accurately and clearly--in the long run, anyway.
  9. by   CardioTrans
    The hosp that I work at received Magnet back in March. From my understanding, it is based on patient satisfaction surveys, and supposedly "surveys from nurses" however...... I dont know who the heck filled out the nursing surveys to say how great the hosp is to work in.........whoever did LIED.