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Our hospital recently brought LPNs into ICU, and we are having some trouble adjusting to the change. They were brought in to our units because we have lost so many RNs recently, and have not been... Read More

    Personally I want a Push!!!!
  2. by   rebelwaclause
    I said I wouldn't post here again, but I gotta say this....

    This is riiiiiii-diculous. RNinICU has started another post elswhere and only a few people remain here fighting back and fourth for no reason - I guess test of wills. I gotta say it again, this would never EVER want me to be affiliated with nursing! I'm embarrassed! Are you guys considering you are talking to another human being? What if the opinions expressed here one day has the face of your patient...Would you rip them to shreds? Does it matter to you?

    I think I'll report this thread to the moderators. It has lead to nothing good.
  3. by   Brownms46
    AHhhhhhh...not that the ignore feature is properly in effect...

    stressedlpn...gurl you were supposed to asleep..:chuckle
  4. by   stressedlpn
    i tried promise I did, I did sleep for about an hour or two, weeellll maybe a little less, wk called me in for a while. now I am on call all night dont worry as long as I dont see the little green men coming for me I'll be okay, SO is home tonight so I should be able to sleep a little more PROMISE haha
  5. by   mattsmom81
    I feel these little spats we have are mostly simple misunderstandings, and if we sit back and breathe we'll see that...

    I think the root of the hurt feelings in this thread is the underlying tone of "it's no big deal' and 'why can't you just work together.....teamwork...and everything will be OK" in some poster's opinions. Then add a few LPN'swho have have become offended...even though this issue is NOT putting down LPN's at all! It's the HOSPITAL RNinICU is mad at!! Their lack of concern is appalling!!!

    This is not one of those situations where 'if we all are team players we can do a great job'...PCA's, RN's, and limited LPN's...in the ICU...cannot save the day if there are insufficent competent folks there....

    Our national AACN standard for critical care is 2:1 patient nurse ratio and this nurse is to be COMPETENT in critical care. RNinICU's hospital is fudging on the standard and endangering patients...by counting severely restricted LPN's in the staffing matrix to cover the hospital's sorry ass!! This has NOTHING to do with the LPN's being 'bad'...it has EVERYTHING to do with a dangerous situation.

    Some RN's may have responded in surprise because of differences in LPN practice across the country. I really don't think anyone here has put down LPN's....but perhaps some here have never worked with a stong LPN! So... let's educate them!

    Now I get my panties in a cyber wad once in awhile too...like everyone else...so let's all do a 'group unwad' now....altogether on 3....1-2-3.........AAAH!! :roll
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  6. by   StrawberryBSN
    Originally posted by Brownms46

    It seems I'm not the only one, who thinks you need to re-examine your posts, and your ideas.
    Myself included...Which I said already...But others say the same about your posts...So what does this have to do with anything?

  7. by   fadingyouth
    Dear Mattsmom:
    Ahhhhh indeed! Seems like the right thing to do to feel better.
    Should the opportunity arise I would certainly love to show some of these RN's what a strong LVN can do.(that's not to say that there aren't any here)
    Nurses, do you notice, tend to beat themselves up over something that management initiated. Then when frustration occurs its because of a "bad attitude".
    Have you had the chance lately to work with an educator, a recruiter or administrator on the floor? in ICU?
    I've been told that it is a very, very scarey situation.
    Guess we'll just hope for the best------------
    Anyone for valium?
  8. by   StrawberryBSN
    originally posted by brownms46
    i didn't write "did you read"...to state that you couldn't read. i wrote it because it seems to "me", that you couldn't have read the entire post....when i read your post...if you thought that an er lpn was in anyway a solution to rninicus problem!
    again....(sighhhh) i never thought my idea (sighhh) was a solution. just an idea that could possibly be used. can you understand this?

  9. by   StrawberryBSN
    originally posted by brownms46
    now where in rninicu post...was there any mention this was a ccu??
    originally posted by rninicu
    our hospital recently brought lpns into icu....
    okay....icu, not ccu, intensive care, not critical care....this is important because?

  10. by   OHmom2boys
    I SWEAR I'm not trying to start a fight so please don't yell at me!
    But as a new grad...yes Practical Nursing grad....you guys are scaring the heck out of me. Is this what I have to look forward to? I've seen so many of these RN vs LPN posts. I don't want to fight....I just want to go to work, do the job I was trained to do, and help my patients.

  11. by   StrawberryBSN
    originally posted by brownms46
    where in that post did rninicu state the lpns in the unit were lost???
    she didn't. i said "i" would rather work with....instead of a lpn totally ???lost???. my opinion.
  12. by   StrawberryBSN
    originally posted by brownms46
    when did rninicu ever post any problems with having the lpns in that unit... except for their restrictions???
    if you read her original post, she states many other rn's are hostile to them (lpns) and "a small number of the rns have made things difficult in numerous ways." isn't this a problem? no, there's no specific comment that having the lpn's in her unit was the problem. i didn't say it was either....so i'm lost on what you are trying to get at here.....
  13. by   StrawberryBSN
    originally posted by brownms46
    it would seem to me...that you didn't read the entire post!! "if" you did read the post...how did you come up with the suggestion you gave???
    whew!.... brownms...i read it. i gave a suggestion. lets agree to disagree, 'cause this is getting way tired!