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Ughhh my lower back pain has been so bad lately. I'm already planning on getting a rolling backpack this weekend to help. Tiget Balm helps some at night to relax. It is just the sitting at a... Read More

  1. by   JentheRN05
    I have been taking lortab qid 10/500 for years. It doesn't seem to be working anymore (no I never used it at work - until recently - where it is okay) and I have scripts for tramadol and ultram and etodalac (sp). Only thing i found that worked was a good ol shot of toradol - when I worked at the doctors office I would once a month (during my cycle my pain is elevated by a factor of 10) get a shot of toradol and it would do the trick - however it was temporary and unfortunately never lasted. I had already checked for endometriosis and they didn't find any. No idea why it's worse during my monthly but it is. I have a very high pain tolerance. I would have to guess that my daily pain would land someone in bed indefinately. Recently I have started using a TENS unit. It seems to help some. But I haven't had a monthly since I got the TENS so I'll have to see how it works when that comes around.
    I use crocs for shoes, but I also have some J.Rubios (ones with a spring) which does help my back but kills my feet. So one demon for another. When I have to spend alot of time walking I'll pick my rubios up, other than that I'm crocs all the way - which also seems to help a little with the back pain.
    good luck.
  2. by   lannisz
    Acupuncture really helps. Make sure you are wearing good arch supporting shoes. Swimming is wonderful for keeping you limbered up and prevents those back spasms! It also really helps if you have plantar faciiatis (Sp?)