Love for Nursing

  1. Is there anyone Nurse out there who absolutely loves what you do? I'm an Lpn currently in class going for my RN. I can honestly say I LOVE BEING A NURSE. Days are up and down but I wouldnt change my career for the world. Going all the way for NP. Share your experiences, etc.
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  3. by   Davey Do
    What a positive first post, LpnTyka!

    From a previous thread:
    Quote from Davey Do
    ...I love being a nurse, what the title stands for, what the work entails, and what satisfaction I get feeling like a contributing member of society.

    I am by no means, a religious person. However, the basic principles behind Christianity are worth following. Doing techy things like working in surgery, or administrative things like being a nursing supervisor were great and I feel blessed to have been able to work in those areas. But when I stoop down to help a geriatric psych patient put on their footies, I think of how Jesus washed the feet of his Disciples. Here this great man (or whatever else you may believe), humbled himself. He made himself equal to them by making himself less than them, but in reality, he was above them.

    That doesn't sound the way I wanted to convey about how I think and feel bout nursing, but maybe you can get the gist. We are servants to those with which we provide care, but we are esteemed professionals in a respected field. So, whether I was first scrub on a lumbar laminectomy with a second scrub, two surgeons, three back tables and a mayo stand, or wiping the butt of an incontinent geriatric psych patient, I was doing a job that I love: providing comfort and care to another human being

    And that's what I love about nursing...
    Now: What do you love about being a nurse, LpnTyka?
  4. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Nope, I hate it.. Have tried finding a niche, so far I have disliked every nursing job. May go back to EMS full time... again!

  5. by   LpnTyka
    I love going to work everyday knowing that I have the ability to care for someone in need. The thought of giving them genuine care and making a difference in their lives is an overwhelming feeling. Although financially, its fantastic for me, but I couldn't possibly be a nurse if I didnt love it.
  6. by   LpnTyka
    Sorry to hear that you dont like it. I hope everything works out for you!
  7. by   neonn965
    I love being a nurse. Neonatology is my passion. There is honestly nothing more rewarding than watching a family take their baby who was critically ill for six months out of our doors. Putting a baby who was not expected to live on their mother's chest for the first time is something special. There is genuinely no other job that would leave me feeling so fulfilled at the end of the day. People always say that I must be selfless to do what I do, but honestly it is more like a selfish need to do something that lights my own fire. I would personally absolutely hate to waste the hours of my life that I have to spend working in an office doing something that is just a means to an end, I want nothing to do with that kind of job.

    Beyond that I love the extreme flexibility in my hours and scheduling, as well as the overtime pay. My shifts fly by, I never feel like a single work day drags, and I HATED any job I ever had where the day dragged on. There is a lot of nonsense that comes with nursing but I'll say it time and time again, you won't find a job that is nonsense free in any other industry. It's just the kind of nonsense you encounter.
  8. by   tiffanyB12
    Words cannot describe how much I love my LVN job.
    I work in the multi specialty medical building. My main job is as an LVN in Urgent Care, but I float and help as needed in other units including pediatrics, orthopedics, and even the lab. Love the variety of it and being the resource/the right hand to physicians. We have fantastic doctors, and the patients are generally very appreciative and sweet. While I don't ever want to leave, I am considering gaining all the experience I can for several years and going back to school to become a NP. If that doesn't happen, that's ok too because I wouldn't mind staying at my facility as an LVN. I already have my dream job. While there are ups and downs of course, there is no other place I would rather be.
  9. by   ruby_jane
    I don't love it. I wish I did. I'm glad that you do - but remember...this is just a job. If something happens and you get disheartened - it's just a job. Congratulations to you on movin' on up with that RN.