Lots of reactions to the flu vax this year - page 4

we've given a lot of vaxes through our home health agency and this year we're hearing a lot of minor complaints: feeling achey, low grade temps, etc. last friday monster got hers, and she's been... Read More

  1. by   AmericanChai
    I just got my flu shot yesterday and it is a bad one! I woke up with severe body aches. Ugh! I have a cold right now but not body aches until I got the shot. My GP said she also got the severe body aches for about 2 days with this year's shot. My 3yo also got the shot and she appears to be doing okay.
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    I am not overly anxious to receive a flu shot this year. Before I started nursing school and worked as an aide in the clinic, I used to get them yearly with no problem. First year in school, without access to the vaccine, my husband and I both got really sick with the actual flu; in fact, I missed my microbiology final and had to reschedule. Now, being a nurse, for some reason, I'd just rather not. Not sure why...