1. I worked 16 hours last nightthis morning in the ER (we were equiped to receive the less severly injured from Washington, but no-one came) and now can't sleep so I came to the Board as usual. The T.V. is also on, channel CNN..They just finished a story on looters in NYC. Can we shoot them? Would we miss them? Who the heck are they and how could they? Can't we just shoot them??

    While sitting here this afternoon just reading the boards and crying at times and watching T.V., I received two phone calls. One from NJ and one from Washington. Until now I didn't know I had 4 friends who are missing. They've been missing for over 24 hours and I didn't know they were missing. They could be in the piles of rubble I've seen on T.V. and I didn't know. They could have been the folks who jumped out the window, I wouldn't know.

    These people Looting, can we shoot them?? Please can we shoot them?? It might make me feel better if we shoot them...Would it make me feel better if we shoot them???I don't think I'd feel any better if we shoot them It's just that I have no one else to focus all this hate upon, I don't know who to yell at, who to hate.

    Are you sure we can't shoot them?????????????????????????
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    originally posted by debbyed
    i worked 16 hours last nightthis morning in the er (we were equiped to receive the less severly injured from washington, but no-one came) and now can't sleep so i came to the board as usual. the t.v. is also on, channel cnn..they just finished a story on looters in nyc. can we shoot them? would we miss them? who the heck are they and how could they? can't we just shoot them??

    pleae, do. but don't miss them.
  4. by   Zee_RN
    Shoot 'em...or drop them off the Empire State Building...yeah, I think I like that better...
  5. by   -jt
    The Mayor has reported that there has been NO looting. And I have to say that the city is unbeliveably calm & quiet & pulled together. Its amazing. This must be what it felt like during WWII.

    The city is evacuated from 14th street near Greenwich Village down to the water and the Staten Island ferry - which is now a death barge ferrying bodies to NJ morgues. The entire area is filled with police, the military, National Guard, city officials, & rescue workers. Above 14th St, the city is re-opening. The other boros are not affected. If there is looting going on anywhere, its not in NYC.

    In fact, the Mayor was on TV telling shop owners that price-gouging will not be tolerated either. The Consumers Affairs dept is patrolling checking prices for emergency supplies & even things like little bottles of water & the prices are staying the same as before the attack. Any proprietors caught price-gouging will be in big legal trouble.
  6. by   debbyed
    Thank you Kewlnurse and Zee_rn this is the first time I smiled today.

    By-the-way Kewlnurse; I'll have you know I have perfect aim, Comes from aiming a needle at all those moving targets in the seclusion rooms.
  7. by   eventsnyc
    Please tell us where did you get the news on looting in this city?

    The city is calm and sad.
    Many are trying to come to terms of the attack.
    Many are coping with their lost families and friends.
    We need support, not incorrect reportage & unnecessary further injuries!

    This morning I was speaking to a buddy who works in St. Vincents. A buddy wrote that he was on the 92nd floor of the building when the plane attacked. I have no heart to ask him how he had escaped yet. I would let him tell me when the time is right.

    Not the right time for sensationalism, I hope you would agree.

  8. by   debbyed
    CNN had a blurb that two had been arrested for looting somewhere in the city, they did not say exactly where. Considering the amount of damage I know this isn't bad, The report just came in after I learned that I had 4 friends missing and it just stuck. I meant no disrespect to all those who live in the area. On the whole nothing but heroic, caring reports have come in about all of our people, our brothers and sisters through-out the country. I guess that is why I reacted so strongly.
  9. by   Jenny P
    Debbyed, you need to go to bed with some good calming music on your CD player. YOU NEED SLEEP! Reading your posts across this BB, you are hurt, angry, and haven't had any sleep for way too long to think clearly. I've been watching CNN all day and haven't seen anything about any looting. Please get some rest so you can think clearly again.
    Peace to you all.
  10. by   Katnip
    Same here. I saw a speech by the Mayor and he said they'd caught one looting suspect. Other than that, everything is quiet and calm. He mentioned that there are so many police out there that no one would have much of a chance to steal.

    Debyed, hang in there. Your firends might be just having trouble getting connected to others.
  11. by   eventsnyc
    It's OK. Get some rest. You deserve it.

    One person stealing things and got caught cannot be considered "looting". OK, may be it can. LOL.

    Just do not want to add injuries to the city.

    Best wishes, Christina