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Didn't get news on till after 7pm last night. Caught tale end of SARS report. It is out of control in China and we all knew that. There was something disturbing about possibility of people being... Read More

  1. by   toronto rn
    Sorry I should have clarified that more- I think it was a mistake to report two categories of the disease. Really only potential cases need to be reported, suspect cases fall into such a broad category that the numbers are misleading.
    Yes absolutely caution needs to take precident but there has to be some definite accountability on the behalf of the doctors at some point to say either this is SARS or it is not.
    What I have heard in the news is the suspect case in Florida where the boy had previously travelled in the Toronto area, yet no one was quarantined except the boy. In Toronto any case like that would have required all contacts to be quarantined for 10 days, so is it or isn't it a suspect case? Another case in Finland where a man had been through Toronto and then became ill. He was admitted to the hospital in Finland with a diagnosis of SARS- there was no cases in the community in Toronto for him to be in contact with, yet they are adament that he contracted SARS from exposure in Toronto. (the person he was sitting in front of on the plane was ill- not SARS though)
    Sars and suspect cases should be treated either the same--with quarantine and treatment--or not label suspect cases at all.
    I guess the trouble is that until a definitive diagnostic test (that is accurate) is availible, erring on the side of caution should be universal- with appropriate quarantine not just a label of suspect.
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    I remember seeing a graph that listed suspected cases, probable cases and confirmed cases. Unfortunately I found that confusing as to what the difference between a suspected case and a probable case might be. Perhaps Canada was trying to simplify things by lumping them together.
  4. by   fergus51
    Simplyfying is what got us on the WHO list. Every person with those symptoms without a diagnsis was a suspect case. I had a cold, with the normal cough and muscle aches from painting. I am sure if I flew into Finland they would want to declare me a SARS case and put me in isolation, nevermind the fact I haven't had any contact with any SARS patients.