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We've recently updated our live chat (click here) We are planning on setting up some scheduled chat times, so that there will actually be people in the chat room at specific times :) We'd... Read More

  1. by   10ACGIRL
    Quote from brian
    We've recently updated our live chat (click here)

    We are planning on setting up some scheduled chat times, so that there will actually be people in the chat room at specific times

    We'd like to get some feedback from you, our members, as to what times you would like to set up for scheduled chat times. So please let us know what you think.

    Also, we would also like to set up chats on specific nursing related topics, so, please submit your suggestions on topics you'd like to see discussed as well.

    We will be putting the chat schedule in our newsletter, which is going out Mon or Tues, so please send in your suggestions as soon as possible. Thanks again for all your help!
    Anytime beween 8a-2p on Saturdays and Sundays. And I could also be in chat after I get off work at 8p. I have all day Monday's free tp chat.
  2. by   doi
    Hello to all the wonderful nurses who are doing a marvelous job taking care of the ill. I am a new member and I am happy to be here. Is there anyone available to chat or email me concerning nursing?
  3. by   doi
    Could any one give me a suggestion on how to over come this math problem with algebra I have?
  4. by   krisssy
    Daytime is best for me. Can't chat when hubby is home! I would like to see chats for:

    graduate students, psych nurses and NP's, reentry nurses, older nurses starting nursing school or returning to nursing after being away-I have noticed a lot of posts from us older nurses looking to be nurses or get back into it-I am sure we would love to chat! Great idea Brian Thanks Krisssy
  5. by   ariel5120
    i would love to join in on a nurses chat room, I've been a nurse for about 15months, still trying to figure out if it's worth going on for the bsn as I'm an lpn, can't figure out if I want to stay just yet.
  6. by   ariel5120
    I would like to chat anytime, I always need some advice when it comes to nursing, I've been an lpn for about 14-15months and I'm having a hard time adjusting, maybe you could give me some advice.
  7. by   ariel5120
    I'm with you, can't figure out the live person bit neither
  8. by   doi
    hello everyone is there anyone who is having problems with algebra? If so could I have a reply soon. Thanks
  9. by   chechebaby
    i'm working in emergency o.r , so i'll just pop in if i'm free
  10. by   chechebaby
    is there any kababayan around? PPLLLEEEAASSEE!
  11. by   10ACGIRL
    My best times are b4 I go to work between 8a-2p on weekends, and after I get off work at 8 and can chat until 11 p. I can also be seen maybe sometime during the week cepending on how my day goes!
  12. by   button2cute
    Hello, All

    Brian, When are the topics beginning in the chat rooms?

    Many people submitted issues for discussion. In addition, the time schedule have been summitted to you.

    Numerous of people would benefit from the discussions through a topic each week.

    Many nursing students are seeking assistance with projects, assignments and homework. If we can provide a time for them to address their questions in the chat room, it would be greatly appreciated. However, it is unfair to them and us if anyone waits last minute to adress their homework.

    Lastly, we are greatly appreciate to have a chat room for our discussions as well as to meet various of people throughout the world. The chat room provides educational issues, learning, laughter and fun and most of all, developing friendships among the members in this site. Therefore, it is a a great opportunity for everyone to come into the chat room and address any of their concerns.

    Thank you once again, for providing a safe and learning environment for all of us in the chat room.

  13. by   CRNAhopefulguy
    wheres teh schedule at?