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I realize that this is not the proper place for this, but I know alot of thoughtful and special people read this site. There's a three year old little girl who has been diagnosed with a tumor, and... Read More

  1. by   NurseDennie

    Do you know this girl and/or her parents? I only ask, because there are so many of these things that you see on the internet that have been circulating since the early 1990's and the family is wishing that the whole thing would stop!!

    So if this is something that you're sure of, I'm sure many of us can send cards and prayers and add the name and address to prayer-chain type emails that we do. But not if it's another hoax.

    So let us know, Okay? Thanks!


  2. by   highasthesky
    I only wish it were a hoax, but unfortunately not. No, I don't personally know the family. I live in Westmoreland also, and know people who do know them though. The Macon county schools are participating, letting some of the classes make cards for her, the churches are participating. That's where I became aware of the situation, was at my church here. I can understand your concern, I myself have fell prey to many pranks and didn't find it amusing at all, so I would never post something of this nature unless I were absolutely certain.
  3. by   betts

    "Craig Shergold is dying of cancer and wants postcards"
    Actually, Craig Shergold *was* seriously ill around 1989 and his dying wish was to receive a huge number of postcards and get his name into the Guinness Book of World Records.

    Fortunately, his brain tumor was successfully treated, and as far as I can determine he is alive in well. He *is* in the Guinness Book of World Records, which you can consult for more information.

    His family is begging for the postcards to stop.

    What's worse, people are now circulating his message with false addresses, trying to send deluges of mail to unsuspecting victims.
  4. by   NurseDennie
    Thanks High, Thanks Bets,

    That's what I needed to know. I don't mind being "taken," for something like this. One card, a stamp, big deal. But these things can get really, really out of hand and mess up people's lives.


  5. by   betts

    I would recommend that everyone save this site too favorites; complete listings of Internet Alerts and where too report or investigate.
  6. by   highasthesky
    I'd just like for everyone to know that in spite of the few negative
    replies and synnical private messages, I would post this ad all over again. I completely understand the skepticism, I think we've all been "taken" by a few scams b4. But I assure you, I had no alternative reason for posting this besides to bring what joy we could to a little girl. If anyone needs to verify the info instead of just mailing a card and feeling as if they've been "taken", please feel free to call First Baptist Church in Lafayette Tennessee at 615-666-3127. Thanks to everyone who sent a card, but especially don't forget to pray for this little girl.
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  7. by   nightingale
    Sometimes, ya just goota do the right thing... and you did.... Thank you for taking the time to post this and to care about this little girl.... I appreciate the the opportunity! B.
  8. by   highasthesky
    Thank you to everyone who prayed for little Whitney Allen and her family and sent cards. Whitney is no longer suffering, for she is now with the Lord, thought you all would like to know. The community is heartbroken over the loss of this little angel, but also relieved that she is no longer in pain. Following is her obituary:

    Services for Whitney Rose Allen, 6, of Westmoreland are 10 a.m.
    Wednesday, March 20, 2002 at Anderson and Woodard Funeral Home with Brother Chris King officiating. Burial is at New Hope Cemetary.
    Miss Allen died Sunday, March 17, 2002 at her home.
    Born on Dec. 6, 1995 in Gallatin, Miss Allen was the daughter of Glynn B. Allen Jr. of Seymour, Ind. and Amy Troutt of Westmoreland, Tn.
    She was a kindergarten student at Westmoreland Elementary and a member of the Westmoreland Church of Christ.
    In addition to her parents, Miss Allen is survived by her maternal grandmother, Pam Profitt of Westmoreland; paternal grandparents, Glynn and Nancy Allen Sr. of Gallatin; step grandfather, Jack DAvis of Hermitage Springs; great grandfather, Barry North of Gallatin; sisters, Chelsea Profitt of Westmoreland and Chelsea Allen of White House; brother, Jessie Allen of Lafayette; step sister Tisha Troutt of Westmoreland; uncles, Andy Profitt of Gallatin and Jack Profitt of Nashville; and Aunt, Robin Baker of Nashville.
    Memorial contributions may be made to the Make a Wish Foundation.

    Please continue to pray for this family and their tremendous loss.
    Life is so unfair.
  9. by   semstr
    I am sorry for this little girl and her family. Prayers are send across the ocean.

    Got a funny feeling here though, sorry I am a "belly-person"

    Blue- eyed- question from overseas: do you always write an abituary for a 6-year old girl and say Miss.........?
    It sounds so strange and unfamiliar for a child.

    Take care, Renee
  10. by   highasthesky
    I have no idea who writes the obituaries, but I too was wondering why they added the Miss. I just didn't want to change anything and present the article exactly as it is.
  11. by   betts
    high as the sky,
    what newspaper was her obituary in?
  12. by   highasthesky
    Betts, It was in last weeks issue of the Gallatin paper.
  13. by   betts
    With all the rumors and hoaxes going around about dying children, yes, I was skeptical but, this time is found too be true. Please don't think that I was questioning your integrity but, many are moved by these and forward or report them w/o checking. My apologies...

    Obituaries for 3/20
    Whitney Allen
    Services for Whitney Rose Allen, 6,