Litigation target?

  1. I've heard that carrying malpractice insurance makes you a target for being sued. I was wondering how many of you carry it.

    If you do what are your reasons?

    If you don't why not?

    Also have anyone heard of or experienced a situation where it was obvious they were being sued because of having insurance?
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  3. by   ceecel.dee
    Yes, I carry it. It is required in the masters program I'm involved in.

    No, I've never heard of anyone being targeted on that basis.
  4. by   fedupnurse
    You are crazy to not have your own! I've never heard of having it making people sue. When a lawsuit occurs, the hospital will throw you to the wolves even if they are the cause of the problem (short staffing, etc.) Have your own insurance and if God forbid you get sued never use the hospital attorney, get your own. Good insurance should help cover this cost and mine was only $80. a year until I got it thru a group rate via my union. Now it's like $18. a year. Well worth it.
  5. by   MollyJ
    I've heard this fear expressed more by docs and nurses. The bottom line is that nurses are not the deep pockets in most cases: that would be the docs and the hospitals. Nurses can be countersued by hospitals if it is perceived that the nurses failed to practice prudently and it resulted in a suit. I have heard of this happening, but by no means universally everytime a suit occurs.

    Nursing malpractice insurance rates reflect that we are pretty low risk, but it means that you have representation and insurance if you are pinpointed in a suit.

    I have carried it for essentially all of my 24 years of practice and I keep hoping that it is an investment that I will not get one penny of return on.

    While the courts have some understanding of an imperfect world (i still believe that inspite of my brushes with the legal system), a prudent nurse knows her field, does her best and understands her agencies policies. I also think it is best to carry insurance.