Licensing in Two States

  1. If you live in a suburb of a city that is in another state (I live in South Jersey outside of Philadelphia) and you want the option to work in both states how do you get licensed in both? I'm assuming you take the boards in either one (because it's National right?) and then you apply for licenses in both. Is it that simple?
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  3. by   roxannekkb
    Yes, it's that simple. Once you have a license in one state, all you need to do is apply for a license in any other state you want. It's a matter of paperwork and paying a fee, but you do not need to retake boards or any other kind of test. I've had licenses in several states.
  4. by   2ndCareerRN
    If you are a student, or a recent grad, you should take the boards for the state you live, and went to school in.

    After that license is issued you only need to apply for license by endorsement in the state, or states, that you are interested in working in. A little bit of paperwork, and the fees.

    Another reason to get your license, and remained licensed, in NJ is that it has become one of the nursing compact states. Your NJ license will be good in several other states, once the compact is initiated.

  5. by   LoriB
    Awesome! Thank you so much!
  6. by   Audreyfay
    I have licenses in 2 states, but at one time, was licensed in 3! Not hard, just took time to fill in the forms, and money for the applications! Imagine! I was licensed in MI, MN, and HI at the same time. Wonder where I'd rather be!
  7. by   LoriB
    I'm thinking ... Hawaii?
  8. by   Chiaramonte thoughts exactly, to share Audreyfay???
  9. by   Repat
    Hey! This could be a new thread - How many states are you licensed in? I am licensed in DC, MA, and KY. Anyone else?
  10. by   tigger2sassy
    i have held as many as 4 at one time-- arkansas, minnesota, michigan, and wisconsin-- sure does get expensive to keep them all renewed though-- yes, arkansas and wisconsin are both in the nursing compact-- take heed though-- when i moved back to wisconsin with my arkansas licensure-- i was given an extremely hard time trying to get a job in wisconsin (superior) to be exact-- every nursing home around refused to accept my compact license-- i called the wisconsin state board-- they said the nursing home could take them if they wanted to-- as for the thirty days that you could work on your compact license-- (should the facility decide to honor it) you could starve to death and go homeless before your license was approved and mailed to you-- i said to heck with it-- went to duluth minnesota-- applied for renewal and got my license in a week-- but am going back to home state of arkansas this week-- so will let the other two licenses expire and not renew them-- gotta get some home roots!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   renerian
    I am dual state licensed and it was easy, time consuming but easy. California had quite a few more hoops to jump.
  12. by   Jas honey
    At one time I was a CHF disease manager doing telemanagement in many states, so we had to be licensed in all the states in which we cared for patients in any fashion. I have licenses in PA (my home state and license), Virginia (where I live now, and the only active one right now), Maryland, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa (lived there for 2 years), Texas, Florida, and Kentucky. Luckily for me, the company paid for many of them! So, I have 9.

    A girl I work with called today from her vacation in Hawaii, and quit!! Something I have always wanted to do. That, or win the lottery and quit.
  13. by   Audreyfay
    I think CA was the most difficult to get licensed in. I even had to get "gulp" fingerprinted! Felt like a criminal at the police office. They had to send the fingerprints to the Board in CA! (I guess I can't be a criminal anymore and leave fingerprints...I must be in the national registry now!) Oh, Hawaii. Hubby had a job with his father's tour company. We lived in Oahu, close to Pearl Harbor. The area was beautiful, the Hawaiian culture is beautiful, but health care was not nice. We ended up only staying 6 months because my mother (in MI) became very ill and needed me to come and nurse her back to health. We left the tropics...back to snow...again. But, it was an interesting experience. And so much fun being a tourist in Hawaii!
  14. by   Reabock
    Jas honey, have sent you an e-mail re: Richmond area. TIA for any info. Joanne