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I fill the cups and check for all interactions and whatnot, but anyone have any negative experiences or can think of any possible neg exp with this? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Originally Posted by shawna_alexis
    i work in a group home and i'm allowed to pass meds. I'm not an LPN yet, and I'm not a CNA. I'm a TMA though whatever that is.
    That's what you are and you don't know what it is???
  2. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from shawna_alexis
    i work in a group home and i'm allowed to pass meds. I'm not an LPN yet, and I'm not a CNA. I'm a TMA though whatever that is.
    Wow...you pass meds, and don't know your title...that IS frightening...
  3. by   augigi
    I agree she should know exactly what her job title and duties are according to the facility. However, group homes often have different rules with regard to medication administration, including the fact that parents can administer etc and the nurse is not liable. Shawna would have to check her state practice act.
  4. by   marbe10
    I worked to hard and for to long to let the state take away my license because I was stupid enough to let a CNA give out medication for me!!
  5. by   arita2
    Quote from walla189
    I fill the cups and check for all interactions and whatnot, but anyone have any negative experiences or can think of any possible neg exp with this?

    Bad idea, and dangerous!

    By the way, while the CNA is passing out meds, will you be assisting patients to the bathroom and emptying bed pans? Just curious what you are doing while this is going on...?
  6. by   nurse4theplanet
    Quote from shawna_alexis
    i work in a group home and i'm allowed to pass meds. I'm not an LPN yet, and I'm not a CNA. I'm a TMA though whatever that is.

    this cannot be for real

    Technical Medication Assistant
    Team Medication Assistant
    The Medical Assistant
    Tiny Medicine Administrator
    Terrible Medication Aide
    The Medical @$$

    ...she doesn't know. but she is passing your meds!:smiley_aa
  7. by   Gennaver
    Quote from walla189
    Wow great response, to save some face, I'm a student doing this for a essay so don't string me up just yet...
    Wow, well to save some face I hope you also apologized for sending out a deceitful initial post where you said "I"...

    Now to get back to the topic, about opinions for your essay, do you need to know if I am a nurse, student, patient or anything?

    I am a nursing student, who knew even as a cna/pct that no, I would not give the meds...and I did have several nurses in my past who attempted to delegate that task to me. When I was really new and didn't know better I did pass a med, (have no clue what they were) but, as I became more aware of what was up I would not do this.

    Now as a student nurse I do not intent to attempt to delegate this task to a cna. I really wonder how busy those former nurses of mine were and if it were a vitamin or something else like that they had me pass? I am sure that they trusted my ability but, in hindsight I do not really know if it was a big deal for me, or them, or an insult or just a VERY busy nurse who knew me well enough to trust my ability to do exactly as they asked.

    However, like I said, due to my having no clue and having been so trustworthy I realize that not only could they have gotten into trouble but, "I" could have, as well as there having been a risk to the patients!

  8. by   Gennaver
    Quote from GatorRN
    I can't believe that there's any facility that would actually be having their CNA's doing med passes, ordering meds and calling the docs! That would be HIGHLY illegal! ...
    Yes, this does seem crazy and like there is a blurry line between LTC and Assisted living.

    While working as a CNA at both types of facilities and in home care at the same time there were situations where "assisted" living care allowed me to go and get a persons own medications to give to them yet, in LTC or in the home care as non-home aide but as CNA, nope, couldn't do it.

    It was to fuzzy of a line for me.

    As an assitant in home care or assited living I think the explanation was that we were basically assisting them the same as family or friends would by opening their med bottles, or calling the pharmacy to renew a script but, not like an RN.

    I think this may also be why I was to naive to know to tell the few nurses who asked me to 'give this to mr. so and so patient' when I first started to work in hospitals.
    Gen-seems long ago now but its only been a decade or so
  9. by   allantiques4me
    Quote from MONTGOMERY
    in responce to everyone about cna's passing meds.i don't believe that cnas should, but you all down cma. i have been an cma for a year and a cna for 9 years. i watch everything i do. i also help the nurse so that they can chart, or do treatments,talk to family members. i free up their time. i work the 10-6 shift, this is what i do, i do the glucometer checks, i do the i/o sheets, i put the feedings in their rooms, i check for dc'd meds, ido the humidifier bottles and tubing once a week time and date. i put the nebulizer tubing in the patients room once a week. i do count while the nurses are giving report, i do not so insulin shots, or check them. i do give narc. i have a sheet for myself and the nurse i am working with, at the end of the shift i give a copy to the nurse. i also do treatments and i sign the books i also help with the end of month. i don't check doc. orders. i am responsible enough to know that if you give a blood pressure pill to check the blood pressure and if it is low i put on the mar held and why. i doc. everything. i am there to help the nurse.and then you ask well what does the nurse do. at my place of work not a thing. talk on the cellphone, or talk about how tired they are , or how much one patient get on their nerves. no i did't go through a 12 month course, but a did do 4 months, and i did try nurseing school but the math was a bugger bear.so please understand i am very cautious when it comes to meds, maybe its the people that you work with , you may not feel comfortable with, but the nurses i work with , want to work with me . thanks
    Wow Montgomery,you sure do a lot.Back in the day when I was an aide I did treatments foley insertions ect.But then you had to be an LPN to do those things.Is that legal for you to be doing those things?You sound like you would make an excellent nurse.Dont give up cause of the math,maybe you could join astudy group for math.And shame on ythe nurse you work with.There is always something to do.
  10. by   sissyboo
    As a CNA I would never pass meds for a nurse. It's not that I am lazy, but do not want to lose my license or risk patient welfare. I would definetly have to turn in a nurse to the DON if I was asked to pass meds. I haven't been taught about meds, all I know is that I have nothing to do with them! I help my nurses all I can (considering that was my job!), but only within my means. I like to help to get the experience and because I know it may help me in my future. But for now, meds are a big no-no!
  11. by   pagandeva2000
    It is unbelieveable that this thread has lasted so long! It has certainly drawn deep emotions to people. I don't know if allowing CNAs to pass meds are legal, but because many facilities are allowing this, they must have been able to work around the legalities. I did it myself...I was a certified AMAP that passed meds 20 years ago. What makes me uncomfortable at this point is that with training other people to administer medications, it may lessen my role as an LPN; who is allegedly not allowed to assess, either. The lines are more blurry...
  12. by   shawna_alexis
    I know what a tma is, i don't know why i posted it like that wasnt thinking I guess. I know what i'm doing and have never made a mistake while passing meds
  13. by   shawna_alexis
    I know what a tma is guess i wasnt thinking when i wrote this sorry about the misunderstanding i'm not a dummy. I've never made a mistake administering meds ever