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Hi Everyone: We have been all complaining about the hospitals we work, particularly me....lol, So I thought lets have some fun with bragging about our hospitals:D It will not only give us a chance... Read More

  1. by   JONlvn-np2b
    weve been trying to go computerized for the last 2 years, but about 3 months ago we finally got internet connection.... that was pretty cool. and then, last week, my station got a brand new 02 sat machine thingy.... that was pretty cool too. even though i got these cool brand new stuff, i still got 48 patients =)

  2. by   showbizrn
    What do you expect me to say
    The hospital where I work has excellent pay.
    No I won't go somewhere else
    I like where I work
    "Cause I can look out for myself.
    Flexible scheduling
    No management meddling
    I love this place
    Gives me all the space
    to explore other areas
    without any hysteria
    that I might one day
    want to say
    good-bye then stray
    my merry way
    to another hospital
    in suuny L.A.