legal to dispense meds....

  1. If you are not working in a clinical setting but you are using your license as a case manager, is it legal to dispense meds to your patients if it is ordered by the dr to be observed? I know this is very general and does not give the full picture but I am curious what others think.
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  3. by   morte
    pharmacists dispense, do you mean administer?
  4. by   Ace1Rnelp

    If a case manager is in the unit as a case manager, I would say she cannot administer medications. She is not there to take care of a particular group of patients. If somebody (maybe a doctor) asked her to administer a certain medication, she should find the nurse assigned to that patient to give the med.

  5. by   jer_sd
    Depends on state law if a RN can dispense medications. For example in California a RN can ddispnse non controlled substances, NP can dispense controlled substances. In other states such as MN only APNs can dispense medications.

  6. by   Mandylou
    Yes, I meant administer meds. The nurses do not work in a hospital, they work in an office. They counsel pts, coordinate health care, and so on.
  7. by   mrsdarden
    If you possess a current, unrestricted license, I do not see why not. Just because your job title is a case manager, that does not take away your privileges as a licensed nurse, especially if the provider ordered the med. I would administer med as ordered and document it according to policy.
  8. by   GrumpyRN63
    I would think that if the md office was staffed w/ nurses or MA's whose role it is to administer meds to pt's-- it would be their role, not the case manager to administer any meds. Just as it would be the role of the staff nurse in the hospital, not the care coordinator ( same role?) to administer any meds to pts on the floor, they don't have access. That's just my assumption, but I wouldn't see where that would be the case--sounds like they are more like counselors or coordinators rather than " staff nurses""
  9. by   Reno1978
    I don't see why not. An example I can think of are psych patients who are court ordered to take medications under supervision. A nurse who normally works in an office setting at a psych facility administers the medication but provides no other patient care to these patients.
  10. by   Mandylou
    There are no other licensed personal in the office. The case managers work with the doctors to coordinate health care, usually it is mental health issues that are faced. The nurses say it is illegal for them to give the meds. I looked up the state practice act but can't find anything. Currently, the pts have to bring their meds down and take them in front of unlicensed people on duty.

    thanks for the replies this far.