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  1. Ace1Rnelp

    Your favorite nursing gadget?

    Hi, My Palm TX. Why? Have about 11 nursing books on it; from labs, to drug book to medical dictionary, to disease, and so much more; all in a touch of the screen. The best part? It is free from the university I am affiliated in. Thanks.
  2. Ace1Rnelp

    Brand new nurse: Feeing lost

    Hi, Let me share with you some survival tips that might be able to help you: 1. Ask questions! Don't be afraid to ask for advice or help. 2. Introduce yourself to fellow nurses, doctors, and members of the healthcare team. 3. Keep learning. Research patient pathologies, diagnostic tests, lab values, and so on. 4. Know your clinical limitations. Be honest about yourself and your abilities, and remember, you're not alone as a novice nurse. 5. Take a deep breath. Realize you're not going to know it all. The transition period from student to RN is just the beginning of the journey from novice to advanced beginner. Hope these help and good luck.
  3. Ace1Rnelp

    legal to dispense meds....

    Hi, If a case manager is in the unit as a case manager, I would say she cannot administer medications. She is not there to take care of a particular group of patients. If somebody (maybe a doctor) asked her to administer a certain medication, she should find the nurse assigned to that patient to give the med. Thanks.
  4. Ace1Rnelp

    Finding a mentor

    Hi, You shouldn't be listening to them, especially if all they tell you are words of discouragement. I say go for it. If you are unable to find somebody to mentor you in your hospital, there are a lot of resources out there (books, Internet, nursing journals). And guess what? Members of allnurses.com (just became one) are always here for support, advise, and encouragement. If you want to pursue and further your education, go for it too. I went back to school and graduated with my MSN in 2005 after I had my BSN in 1980. Now that your kids are all grown (I suppose), this is the time for you to pursue your career. It is really difficult (from my experience) to work full time, be a Mom fulltime, and be a wife full time, but with family's support, anybody can do it. The good thing is, there are so many choices of schooling out there. You don't have to be tied up to a classroom anymore, if you don't want to. You could be at home in your PJs. How great is that! Good luck on your endevour.
  5. Ace1Rnelp

    Telemetry versus Med/Surg floor for beginners?

    Hi, Just to throw in my 5 cents. There's not a lot of difference between telemetry and med/surg, at least in the acute care hospital I worked for. Telemetry in fact is also med/surg with the addition of mostly heart patients (CHF, CADs, post open hearts[2nd, 3rd, 4th day post], pre, post interventional procedures [PTCAs, cardiac caths, pacemakers/AICDs, to name a few]). Of course, patients are all on cardiac monitors. So, in case you choose telemetry, you have to brush up on your EKG skills; care of patients with CHF, CADs, pre and post interventional cardiology, pre open heart, post open heart (not fresh open heart), patients with pacemakers/AICDs, and the like. In the end, I will say go where your heart is, you're the only one who will know and feel it . Good luck.
  6. Ace1Rnelp

    What inspired your choice of specialty?

    Absolutely loved CVICU! Knowledge about anatomy and physiology of the heart is not enough, there's more to it in CVICU than that. Knowing, understanding, and managing how hemodynamics, critical care drugs and complicated machines (IABP, CRRT, ventilators to name a few) can work together to save a patient's life is completely amazing. I have said this over and over, if you can take care of open heart patients, you will be able to take care of anybody thrown at you. I still miss taking care of fresh open hearts, sometimes. As of now, I am a clinical instructor and where do I get to send my students? One unit is CVICU of course, so I am also able to help the nurses I worked with previously, with their open heart patients.
  7. Ace1Rnelp

    Did anyone have a CI who stole from the clinical site?

    What kind of example is she trying to portray?! I am also a clinical instructor and I always remind my students to make sure to empty their pockets before leaving the units. I do not want the students or me to be in trouble. You just don't know when bad things can happen and prevention is always best.
  8. Ace1Rnelp

    Organizational Tool

    Hi 2BSure, Send me a private message with your email address. I will be glad to send it to you. Thanks.
  9. Ace1Rnelp

    Organizational Tool

    Hi All, I have sent the organizational tool to your emails. Please let me know if you received them. Thanks.
  10. Ace1Rnelp

    pharma book...plz help

    Hi, There's a lot of pharmacology books out there, but the school I am affiliated with uses this one: http://search.barnesandnoble.com/Pharmacology/Joyce-LeFever-Kee/e/9781416046639/ Hope this helps and good luck.
  11. Ace1Rnelp

    Organizational Tool

    It's me again, It did not come out right, but if anybody is interested, just let me know and I can email it. Thanks.
  12. Ace1Rnelp

    Organizational Tool

    hi, in the course of my job as a clinical instructor, i have encountered students having issues with organizing their patient information (which is i could understand cause they are still students and need guidance). in our case, students have to go to the hospital the day before to pick up patient information. some of them will write in a small notebook and some will write in loose papers (that easily get lost). there are some others, for some reason or another, will miss important information that they need to fill up their concept maps (e.g., vital signs or lab works). so, i came up with the organizational tool (i have copied and pasted below, can't attach the file probably because it is more than the required) below. i gave the students copy, they can fill it up with the patient information and hopefully, they will not forget some of the most important information they need. on their last day, i asked them to turn in a revised version to tailor to their individual needs. if anybody is interested, please feel free to copy and paste, edit or revise according to your need. thanks. oranizational tool patient's initials: _____________________ age: __________________ rm. no: ______________ marital status: ______________________ sex: __________________ date of birth: _______________________ allergy: medications: _______________________________ food: _________________________________ contrast media: ___________________________________ environmental: __________________________ primary md: __________________________________________________________________________________ consults: _____________________________________________________________________________________ date of admission: _____________________________________________________________________________ chief complaint: _______________________________________________________________________________ diagnosis: ____________________________________________________________________________________ health history: ________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________ date/surgical procedure: ________________________________________________________________________ date/procedure: _______________________________________________________________________________ results: ______________________________________________________________________________________ admission vital signs: bp: ________________ hr: ______________ rr: ___________ temp: ___________ o2 sats: ____________ date of visit vital signs: bp: ______________ hr: _____________ rr: _____________ temp: ___________ o2 sats: __________ o2: _______________________________________ respiratory tx: ______________________________ ventilator: tv: __________ fio2: ______________ rate: ____________ ac: ___________ imv: ________ ps: ________________ peep: ____________ iv: ________________________________________ diet: _______________________________________ iv site: _____________________________________ feeding tube: ________________________________ date of insertion: ____________________________ formula: ____________________________________ foley: yes no date of insertion: __________ date/ekg: ___________________________________ date/chest x-ray: ____________________________ abg: ph: __________ pco2: __________ po2: __________ hco3: ____________ o2 sat: ____________ wound (if any): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ lab: date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: lab: date: ________ on admission: date: ________ day pick-up info: wbc (5-10) glucose (70-110) rbc (4-5) bun (5-26) hgb (12-16 female (14-18 male) creatinine (.5-1.5) hct (37-47 female) (42-52 male) calcium (8.5-10) plt ct. (150-400) potassium (3.5-5.0) magnesium (1.5-2.0) ua sodium (135-145) fingersticks: date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: fingersticks: bedtime date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: blood glucose (chf) lab: date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: (cp/cad)lab: date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: bnp 100-300 pg/dl = hf present 300+ = mild chf 600+ = moderate hf 900+ = severe hf troponin 1 ( (onset: 4-6 hrs, peak: 12-24 hrs, return to normal: 4-7 days) echocardiogram myoglobin male: 10 - 95 ng/ml female: 10 - 65 ng/ml (onset: 1-3 hrs, peak: 6-10 hrs, return to normal: 12-24 hrs) ef (60-70%) ck (8-150 iu/l) ck mb (0-3.9%) lab: pts. on coumadin date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: lab: pts. on heparin date: _________ on admission: date: _________ day pick-up info: pt (10 - 14 seconds) ptt (32 - 45 seconds) current medications: drug dose route frequency remarks
  13. I hear ya. Thanks for your reply.
  14. Ace1Rnelp

    MedSurg vs. other fields

    Good luck on your graduation and new endeavor!