Last night at work...

  1. So I worked my last night at work yesterday. I start a new job Jan 8. It was weird to walk out this morning, very bittersweet. I cried the whole drive home! This was my first nursing job, I was there for 2 1/2 years. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back and do some per diem soon though.

    I took care of a set of triplets last night, two of them are feeder-growers now (I'm a NICU nurse, BTW) and one of them is still kind of sick. The mom called to check up on them, and when I told her that the sick baby was having a good night, she said that she was so glad I was taking care of them, that she always has a good night when I'm on and that she knows that she'll be able to sleep ok. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it was my last night! Now I feel bad, that maybe I should have.

    Anyway, I just was feeling a little bit sad, but I'm excited about my new job (and actually having time off around the holidays!).
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Enjoy your extended vacation

    Im not a nurse yet - but I remember leaving old jobs and it's always so hard! Like you said - the nice thing about nursing is you can still hang out PRN. From what I've seen at my facility prior staff are usually welcomed in with open arms! We've had several that have left for greener pastures (I think it's just the nature of the profession - there are good opportunities out there and everyone is looking for the next better thing - plus sometimes just a change of scenery to keep things fresh) and they still work PRN a few times a month.

    We had one nurse recently leave for a "better" position and HATED it. The floor welcomed him back no problem! lol No hard feelings there.

    I am personally struggling with this idea where I intern. I've made great friends with the nurses, CNAs, unit sec on the floor. I've been there 7 months and will be there 11 months when I graduate. They want me to stay, but some of the nurses will say "girl if I was a new grad..I'd go to xyz hospital" because it's better staffing and benefits. Part of me feels I should try where it's better staffing. But then I've become friends with this staff, know their personalities, know I can ask any one of them for help as a new grad, the managers treat me well, charge nurses treat me well, I feel I have the respect of the CNAs - it's almost like I would feel I betrayed them if I left for another job. Of course I know if I didn't like the new job I could probably very easily go back to my current place.
    My husband says "honey - you make friends everywhere you work" which is true, but it's always hard to leave. Especially where you had your first real experience I think.

    Hopefully you'll just love your new place - can do some occasional PRN at your old place - and double your friends and opportunities
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    It is natural to have mixed feelings when making any big change. Even as a travel nurse, knowing I am only going to be there a short time, it is sometimes hard to leave. We pick up friends and memories along the way. I am thankful for e mail, it is so easy to keep up with my growing group from around the country.

    You will still probably keep up with some of the folks you left and will find a connection to them, but you will also meet new people and grow to love your new situation as well.

    As I have traveled across the country, meeting new people, learning new areas and ways of doing things, one thing remains constant. The people you work with. I have found that about 99% of the people I work with are wonderful team players and do the best they can to keep things running smoothly. Then there is always that 1% that throws a monkey wrench into the works. You just have to see if you can schedule your self on their off days!

    Good luck, look back with fond memories, but not sadness. There is a time for every season under heaven. I read that in a very great book once.
  5. by   gitterbug
    Good luck on the new job.
  6. by   preemieRNkate
    OK, so I totally freaked out on Monday morning when I had to go to the new hospital for some paperwork and stuff, and I decided that it wasn't the place for me right now. I called my NM at the "old" place and talked to her, and apparently HR hadn't processed my resignation yet and I was able to recind it! I hope I made the right decision, I just had this feeling that it wasn't the right thing for me to do. Maybe I should've given it a chance, but I just had this feeling in my gut and maybe in 6 months or a year I'll be ready.
  7. by   rn/writer
    Reader's Digest just had an article about listening to your gut. Seems we have a valuable resource in our intuition and often benefit from paying attention to that "little voice."

    I'm glad you were able to stay put.