Kids & Coughing - What's The Deal?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am looking for some good solid advise!

    My 3 1/2 year old son coughs ALL the time. It doesn't matter if he is at home, outside, at daycare, grandma's etc. He coughs and clears his throat constantly! He even coughs in his sleep.

    His pediatrician says he has a slight post nasal drip. He had him on a 2 week round of Zytac, Singular and antibiotics. It calmed him down for awhile- But he is back to coughing again.

    I have noticed that a lot of children seem to cough a lot too. What is is about kids & coughing?

    I am going to take him to a pediatric allergist. But in the meantime, what have your experiences been with all this coughing? Do you think it's turned into a habit? What do you recommend?

    Thanks so much!
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  3. by   live4today
    Pediatric allergies.......thats what most of them are. With every season comes a different brew of allergens floating in the air...and many children are sensitive to those allergens.

    I wouldn't put a child on antibiotics for an unexplained cough, though. My theory is if the doctor can't get to the bottom of what's causing the cough, he needs to dig harder, not give your case proved....they may work for a time, but the cough returns.

    I think your idea of taking your child to a pediatric allergist is a wonderful idea! There could be something your child is having a "rhinitis" to. :kiss

    In the summer months...we go from an air conditioned environment out into a hot environment into an air conditioned vehicle out into the heat again...and the cycle continues. THIS is NOT good for any of us.....especially children.

    In the Winter months, we go from a warm heated home out into the cold weather and back into a warm heated environment......and so forth. This will also cause health problems.

    Solution: Move to Sunny California where the weather seldom changes. :chuckle

    Okay....we can't all move to my favorite place to live, so let's see what else I would recommend here:

    As long as your child is in an evironment with other children, they will have whatever those other children have......colds, runny noses, coughs, itchy throats and runny noses that make them cough, and so forth...not to mention the exposure to other children's fevers and childhood diseases.

    Are their molds in your home that you haven't gotten rid of yet?
    Is your child's room really dusty?
    Is your home really dusty?
    Do you have a lot of dusty rugs on the floor? Unclean carpet?
    Dust-laden drapes and curtains?
    Washed the child's bed linen...including bedspread/comfortor lately?

    Changed or cleaned the child's bed pillow lately? Mites abound there!

    Your child may have allergens to grass, mold, weeds, certain trees, wool, a food preservative........get him/her checked for allergies.
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  4. by   oramar
    Make sure it is not asthma. Also, believe it or not it can be sign of a reflux problem.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Agree with Ormar 100%.

    Chronic cough often sign of asthma, made worsed by PND (post nasal drip) due to allergies. Just DX refluz in one of my staff members son---insisted see take hime to Doctor ASAP and Upper GI confirmed reflux. Does Pediatrician have peekflow meter in their office as easy way to see if decreased air volume per age.

    Cheerfuldoer's suggestions right on too.

    Pediatric allergist been most helpful to my kids.
  6. by   cargal
    I found Dr.Doris Rapp's books, "Is this your child", and another one, I think it is "Is School making your Sick" to be very helpful and alot to think about. Web site is . Good luck to you and your son.

    Also, great page is .
    I see sometimes these links work and sometimes not. so do a google search and voila!
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