Just ordered 2 books!

  1. After reading some threads on here, it seems that books by Echo Heron are highly recommended! So, I have just ordered 2 of her books!

    I am looking forward to reading them, and gaining more insight into this amazing profession.

    I just wanted to share!
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  3. by   colleen10
    Hi future,

    How funny it this. I just placed an order for "Intensive Care" by Echo Heron about 5 minutes ago over the net.

    Can't wait to start reading. Thought I would get it in this summer while I still can, start clinicals in the fall.

    Good Luck and hope you enjoy!
  4. by   dosamigos76
    I'm planning on checking out her books at our library before summer session at the college starts.
  5. by   Cynthiann
    I've been thinking about getting Echo Heron books too. Just because of how much I hear about there on these boards.

    The only problem is finding time to read around a 2&3 yo and school.