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i continue to be amazed at the the number of judgmental nurses and students i've come in contact with, including on this site.who are we to judge people, we don't know their life story. maybe that... Read More

  1. by   GadgetRN71
    [QUOTE=Lenee925;3668148]There's a difference between being judgemental and bringing correction and wise judgement into a situation. For most of my 2 year lurkdom it just seems like people are simply overly opinionated and could stand to not be less so.[/QUOTE Most nurses have strong personalities...we need them to deal with some of the situations/personalities we encounter.

    Am I overly opinionated? Absolutely. Nothing wishy washy about me!
  2. by   cardiacRN2006
    Why would I even want to be less opinionated? Then I wouldn't be me, and that's no fun...
  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Quote from vito andolini
    i also never used to give a thought to what insurance people had, if any, or to their occupation or lack of any, or anything but giving the best care i could give to every single patient i had.

    i still give the best care i can give to all my patients. it's just that now, after my eyes have been opened to so many things in the last 30+ years of living, i don't have the luxury of being ignorant and therefore, blissful. remember, for it is really true, ignorance is bliss. that is, when you have no idea of all the monstrous things people really do, you are so much happier and so much more able to feel kindly toward them, like them, and have all of those good-feeling emotions about and towards them. try not being judgmental of someone who has abused children, raped children, or committed many other horrendous crimes. try caring for these people and see if you don't become just a little wary, a little less naive, more nervous and vigilant. having our eyes opened is not fun. try not judging someone who has hurt your son or daughter, your mother or your wife/husband. love just sort of flees away.

    when you really know what they really do, when you hear them [color=sandybrown]tell you how they have gotten over on other people or on "the system", the system that takes taxes out of your check and gives it out to cheaters like the people who are telling you how they actually cheat, well, it just doesn't feel so good.

    a hardness comes into your heart. you feel less loving, less kindly, less like spending time around them and doing for them. oh, you do your job. you clean their doo, you give them their teaching, their meds, their treatments and meals, you do all that a good nurse does. it's just a little harder. you convince yourself that there's more to the story, that maybe they were just trying, for some stupid reason, to get your goat or see if they could get you to be visibly upset.

    it's like a child learning that his parents don't really know everything, don't really have eyes in the back of their heads, don't really have all the answers. it's liberating but it's also scary and it can tend to anger you for having been taken in for so long. it makes you less trusting, maybe, too.

    so, enjoy loving everyone while you can. trust them all, judge no one. i hope your bubble never bursts. i don't wish upon anyone the knowledge i have of human nature. if you can keep unsullied from it, great. i have learned, through my nursing work, through news items (watergate, for instance), and so many other events, like a former pastor of mine having had several affairs, a whole lot more about people than i ever really wanted to know. let's just say that we all fall short of perfection. myself included, of course. i thank god that the sins of all humankind are paid for by jesus. that is my belief, anyway, as a christian. not pushing it on anyone, just letting you know how i keep semi-sane in all this ruckus.

    just a question about your definition, op, of "judging" and "judgmental". what do these words mean to you?

    the way i usually see them defined is that we are judging and being judgmental when we have the view of someone that is not the so-called pc view. to have a different opinion or view of someone or something is very much discouraged these days. i hate that about our modern world. :angryfire

    we need the truth. we need to see the truth, speak the truth, believe the truth. truth as each of us sees it is more desirable, imho, than just everyone being politically correct. naive is one thing. pc is forced upon us in schools, maybe in our religious places, certainly on the job. i'd rather have truth, honestly. as a black man, i'd rather know who really likes me and who can't stand me. just my .
    now that was a masterful post. well said, vito!!
  4. by   coffee4metech
    Judgement goes to you for judging people and there opinions and views on life and I am not trying to be a wench but judgement and having a sense about yourself makes the world go around. Yes everyody judges that is how the human mind works and thats how we learn in life. I mean seeing in Black /white/and gray ia not a realistic attainment .I see things the way I see it if people think I am judgemental then thats there opinion judging me and my beliefs .