Jobs in a hospital setting without a degree

  1. I'm a prenursing student and I would like some experience in a hospital environment. What are some jobs where I can put scrubs on and get my feet wet?
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  3. by   egglady
    Not sure about hospital, but in nursing home you can wear scrubs and work in housekeeping or laundry or dietary..
  4. by   caliotter3
  5. by   Cat365
    Patient care tech, lab tech, actually most anything they title tech.
  6. by   _firefly
    Transporter is a really good one. Ideally at a hospital that hires new grads. Then you have a foot in the door and can check out what units you like / don't like. Many students work as CNAs as it is the closest to nursing. ER Tech is a great job but EMT training is required and you may need to put time in on an ambulance first (still good experience). Alternatively or in addition, volunteer on whatever unit(s) you like.
  7. by   latisaclark
    Patient transporter or sitter would be nice. You can also volunteer at your local hospital. Depending on medical background a Tech position would be an awesome start.
  8. by   homeschmomof4
    I became a patient care assistant in a small nursing home before I went into school. (and while in school)
    I think that is the best way to get your feet wet, but also know if you are cut out to go into nursing. Though it is a tough job, physically. I enjoyed it.
  9. by   Ben_Dover
    Wait... does HighTech count?!

    Quote from Cat365
    Patient care tech, lab tech, actually most anything they title tech.
  10. by   Nurse_
    EKG tech
    Nursing Assistant
    Unit secretary

    Most require additional training, some longer than others.