Job hunting...wait, take one when it is offered....???!!!

  1. I have been sending my resume to every non clinical nursing job posting in my area, and believe me, they are hard to come by.... so I get an offer today, to a job I obviously wanted, but I also interviewed yesterday at a major insurance company, and I really want that, but they are looking at making a decision at the beginning of next month...... so, to be sure to have a job, I took the one offered to me yesterday. Now, when and if, this ins job makes me an offer, what should I do? I dont want to quit my job so soon, but , I kind of need the full time and benefits that the ins job offers... have any of you been in this situation before? What did you all do ??


    (so RELIEVED to be starting a nice, stress free non clinical nsg job)
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  3. by   majorwrigley
    I think you've answered your own question. You had to take the one job, but no one can live without benefits, plus it's exactly what you want and you'll probably stay there a while so on a resume who cares if there was a blip where you were only at a job for a few months when you stayed at the next one for a couple years. I say go for it. especially if the only reason why you don't want to is because you'll "feel bad" for quitting. it's your life not your employers!
  4. by   cookie102
    tell me about your new stress free non clinical job, i am very interested...i, too, recently went job hunting, i finally accepted a position and today on my message machine was the one place i was waiting on....i had left messages prior to today and didn't get a response, so i figured "time to move on", so i politely called and thanked them, told them i had accepted a position, but that i would love to keep the HR name and # for the future...try not to burn a bridge....what if the major insurance company decides to wait until spring, or they change the position...guess i am not a risk taker.
    best wishes with whatever decision you make
  5. by   jjjoy
    Congrats on having to face the possible dilemma of two good job opportunities!

    I'm with the others in that if you're offered the other job it wouldn't seem irresponsible to leave this current position. It sounds like the other one has more long term potential so you could consider yourself doing this current place a favor by leaving so soon instead of a few more months down the road. It wouldn't be any easier for them to replace you then than now. You know that you're not doing this on a sadistic whim or anything like that.

    Maybe you can use this time of waiting and wondering to find out more about the ins co job (if possible). And you'll certainly be learning whether or not the current position is up your alley or not.

    I hate the juggling act of job hunting! Why do I want to work here? Because my dream job doesn't exist (or doesn't pay) in reality; this job seems like it might not drive me totally crazy; no one else has offered me something better...

    Good luck!
  6. by   caliotter3
    When I had job conflicts, at the time it was easy to deal with, b/c I had my criteria, explained this to the person asking, and no harm was done at the time. Have met several others who were in serious job hunt mode, with similar circumstances to your situation, i.e. multiple offers all around the same time. Each one, as I remember, went with the choice that they thought would be better for them at the time. I don't remember anybody expressing any concern about burning bridges or feeling sorry for leaving an employer after so short a time.

    I look at it this way: employers have no problem with either letting you go during your probationary period if you don't work out, nor do they refrain from printing on their application forms that your application is only good for 30 or 60 days. Like fishing, grab the worm that's put in front of you first; if a bigger, juicier worm comes along for desert then grab him!
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  7. by   CHATSDALE
    it would be better to leave sooner than later for the good of the current employer because the more time and manpower that they put into you is wasted when you leave
    give them good notice, explain the exact situation that you are in and give the impression that you are a professional,,,
    the other job may not be the one that you are hoping that it is and you may want to return