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Hi all - I'm a new grad and have been working med-surg for about 5 months. I guess JCAHO is coming in a couple weeks and I am a wreck. I am just starting to finally not feel quite so stressed out... Read More

  1. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Quote from sharann
    JCAHO makes me very angry. The whole concept. If things are done right all along then there is no need for this hysteria before they come. It's all about money and politics. People who are so far away from patient care keep coming up with rules for us to follow. Usually this just means more paperwork to take away from patient care. I never saw them bust us for our deplorable staffing.
    this is so true. :angryfire
  2. by   inanna
    i have been a rn for 4 years now. but i remember feeling the way like i didn't know anything. and well, when jchao comes around, trust me, we all feel that way, no matter how long we've been nursing. our hospital just went through a survey last month. it went well. since you work 3-11, it is likely the survey team won't even be there on your shift. they usually tend to visit earlier. but that's not written in stone. the surveyor took one chart, followed that one pt, and talked with one nurse in depth, along with our charge nurse and director of nursing, and she drilled them for about an hour and a half. but that particular nurse wasn't alone during the survey. oh, and a big thing with our surveyors was if the nurses knew where the oxygen shut off was and who was allowed to shut it off. make sure to know that. they ask every dept in our hospital. good luck.
  3. by   redshiloh
    We've had in Inspector General in December, then JCAHO in July 2005 and our rehab certification in August 2005. We ALWAYS seem to be on some sort of prep for somebody. MANAGEMENT gets in an uproar and remember what rolls downhill. Try to relax, on the eve shift I seriously doubt you will see anybody.
  4. by   boulergirl
    Gee...I wish i could help you but I actually had no idea "they" came around and quizzed people.
    Yes, they do. In fact, my stepdad is a systems programmer who does computer work at the nearby hospital from time to time and guess what? He has to know how to answer their questions, and memorize information irrelevant to his job. Our pastor and his wife care for a disabled child at home, and THEY have to deal with JCAHO as well.
  5. by   Fun2, RN, BSN
    What is JCAHO? I'm sure I'll find out soon enough though....lol

    Is it something like OSHA?