JCAHO and Clogs

  1. What is JCAHOs position on clogs/shoes. We've been having a descusion where I work and I can't find anything about it on the JCAHO web site.
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  3. by   ginger58
    I don't think it's a JCAHO position but your facilitie's.
  4. by   TiffyRN
    Quote from ginger58
    I don't think it's a JCAHO position but your facilitie's.
    But hospitals love to have you think each and every little ridiculous rule is "Joint Commission" so you don't question it because you can't fight JCAHO but you could conceivably change hospital policies.
  5. by   kitty=^..^=cat
    JCAHO says NOTHING about clogs whatsoever...
  6. by   NRSKarenRN
    Quote from kitty=^..^=cat
    JCAHO says NOTHING about clogs whatsoever...
  7. by   Antikigirl
    Okay...lets get down to actually knowing what JCAHO is! It is an group that is HIRED by a facility on a national level that ASSISTS in helping a facility hold up to state and federal standards! It is NOT the law...but a reference PAID for by your facility to make sure they meet any rules and regs! In essence..a very very high paid consultant!!!!!!!

    The facilities treat them like LAW, but they are consultants!

    So..it is actually down to facility rules about attire..including footwear.

    So check with your facility about the footwear you wish to wear.

    *the reason you didn't see the rules and regs about it...proves my point . I use to think of them higher than board...but less than fed...till I found out the truth during orientation at my last job...shocked me, but made more sense!
  8. by   Miss Ludie
    Can't you just see those lady inspectors in their little black suits wearing nursemate clogs to show they approve? Or maybe pink Crocs. All I ever see is the swarm of suits every 3 years and then we hear of something ELSE we should have been doing. The fact that the last suit swarm made no mention is of no matter to the SWARM.
  9. by   nursetim
    JAHCO wouldn't have bubkis to say about it, OSHA would.:spin:
  10. by   Nursonegreat
    i dont think its a JHACO issue...but it is definitely an OSHA issue!!!!! that being said, i wear my crocs, altho, i have limited pt care as i am in pre-op admission. i did read an article from OSHA, long gone tho.