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i've got this problem... you know how everyone has their little quirk in nursing? well, mine is vomiting...i can't stand the retching, and retching and retching sound before one vomits. well i have... Read More

    ...thanks for all of the great suggestions! one night i'll walk into his room with vicks vaporub under my nose, along with mentholadeum, an alcohol wipe stuck to that, a surgical mask, some carmex lip balm all over my lips, earplugs in my ears and a syringe of compazine in my hand and i'll be ready to "fight the fight!" oh, the joys of nursing.......thanks guys, you're the greatest! :kiss - night owl
    ...why not just barf with him...i'll bet he'll stop self inducing then....especially if you projectile vomit towards him ...heeeee.....lol :roll

    sorry folks.......couldn't resist the urge....heeee....lol!!! :d - moe
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    ...my personal hatred is taking care of false teeth, not that i see that too often anymore...but, i wouldn't touch them when a patient handed them to me, and absolutely hated it when some one asked me to clean them!...
    i even hate to have to label them when they're clean.... i only pray that i don't lose my teeth & have to wear them...i'll probably gag myself each & every time i go to put them in & take them out!!! :imbar - moe.
  3. by   prmenrs
    One suggestion--try to find a hypnotherapist and see iff they can help you w/ the mental thing. Just a thought...Must feel awful!
  4. by   LiznTexas
    Try this trick next time you start heevin'.......puff out your cheeks like a blow fish....it's impossible to puke.

    Oh and here's another trick for next time you wanna fall asleep.....good for the drive home after a long night shift. Do the same thing and tickle the roof of your mouth with your tongue. You won't fall asleep.

    There. Hope that helps

  5. by   RNforLongTime
    I used to take care of this chronic renal pt--was on dialysis and a very brittle diabetic. She was relatively young--38. She would purposefully try to make herself throw up! Staff-myself included-would actually catch her putting her finger down her throat. Would always try to get her compazine as soon as she could. That and the morphine and ativan. Did I mention that she had an extensive psych history as well? She and her mom loved me though. She was a real sick lady. When I first started caring for her she would walk up and down the hall moaning, when she died she couldn't even sit herself up in bed.
  6. by   Jenny P
    Night Owl, I CANNOT tolerate retching OR puking-- after 33 years as an RN (plus the 6 yrs. before that as an aide and PN); I still can't stand it. So I tell all of my pts. that if they start puking, so will the nurse. And if they have any problems with a queasy stomach they are to let me know ASAP so I can medicate them. That has really helped me a lot; because: a.) they all ask for the antiemetics right away; b.) most people who are nauseated want their nurse to help them, not join them when they are vomiting. I also tell pts. and family that "bodily fluids" belong IN tubes (I work CV-ICU), so they are usually sympathetic and amused.