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Hi Everybody; It's me again. Last week I posted "HELP I'M UNEMPLOYED" about the problems I was having getting a job here in Salt Lake City, Utah and asking for some input on my interviewing... Read More

  1. by   barefootlady
    I agree with the written contract proposal, If they sign and you sign, there are clear cut rules to follow. I have been told by other nurses who vacationed in LV, it was begging for nurses and money was good. Go for it if there is a written contract.
  2. by   bagladyrn
    CeCi - I found NV to be one of the higher paying states as a traveler, so the salary doesn't sound out of line. I contracted in a small town several hours from Reno and several of the OB nurses there worked in Reno as well and spoke well of the hospitals there. The one thing I would make sure of is a guaranteed orientation/preceptor for l&d.
    I loved the area and plan on going there again when I can.