IV Fluid/Med Compatibility Form

  1. Hello,
    Has anyone heard of or know where I can find:

    IV Fluid/Medication Compatibility Chart or sheet? I know I can find all I need in the drug book however, I was just wondering if there was a stand along chart or sheet?

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  3. by   Daytonite
    yes, they exist. i have seen them. i have been trying to find one online for some time and have not been successful. it is the drug companies who make them. which ones? i cannot remember. what i would recommend you do is ask the pharmacists or the head of the pharmacy department where you work. if you have the opportunity to attend setups where the various drug reps set up little tables to advertise their wares--go and ask each of them if they have such a list. the drug reps are the people who have access to these things. outside of that, you could make a list of the various manufacturers of iv solutions and most popular iv drugs and start writing letters asking for one of these charts. good luck. if you run across one, please post the name of the company that produces it for the rest of us nurses and please don't forget the student nurses forums. good luck.
  4. by   Alwaysalovinghand
    Thank you this is a wonderful start. I will check with our pharmasist first then the drug companies. I will keep all posted of my findings.
  5. by   Hoozdo
    I have a program on my PDA called "IV MEDS". I use it constantly for compatibility checks. The software was preloaded when I bought the PDA on Ebay.
  6. by   Alwaysalovinghand
    Thanks I will check that out. I am working on a busy GYN/Surgical and Breast surgery unit and really need to have quick access. This is my first position as a LPN. I am getting a tremendous amount of experience. I consider myself blessed. Thank you.
  7. by   theshepler
    Found your thread while I was looking for a compatibility checker for dopamine and Avelox in my ICU. Drugs.com has a great checker. Hope this helps somebody.
  8. by   * RN *
    I did a google IMAGE not web search and typed in medication compatibility chart and got a lot of hits. You could print applicable charts there if you can't find anything else. My drug guide has several pages in the back, which I suppose you could teat out, laminate, and copy. HTH!