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After a long dayshift, finding out I didn't get the promotion (OK, but at least I tried) I was hoofing it through the lobby since the city bus was about to leave. I walked briskly and all of the... Read More

  1. by   DisneyNurseGal
    Oh man sorry that happened to you! My favorite end-of-shift thing that people say when I am walking out is "SMILE". Why do people think it is okay to tell this to people?? If I want to have RNF (Resting Nurse Face), at the end of a 14 hour day, leave me alone!!

    Congrats on having the bravery to stick yourself out there and try for a promotion! I feel like every interview is a chance to get better the next time!
  2. by   adventure_rn
    Quote from Davey Do
    Perhaps we need to send them a card?

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    Oh Davey, you bring so much joy to my life.
  3. by   riverlands
    JC doesnt come to jail, oh darn. For Real Doe, I would sweetly call security and say there was a visitor playing tricks on staff members in the lobby and that I was concerned they were going to startle a little old lady and cause her to trip and fall