Is this unreasonable especially as a new nurse?

  1. Ok.. I'm a new nurse just off orientation. I actually have my first couple days off orientation this week.

    Anyways 2 weeks ago I was hospitalized for 2 days for an anaphylactic reaction, I had some heart issues from the epi so they monitored me for 2 days. Docs told me to take the 2 days off even tho I wasn't actually in hospital on days that I worked, and its a good thing they did as I ended back up in ER with 2nd reaction.

    My best friend is having her first baby and is due end of October, but may go earlier with recent issues (35weeks). I am her labor support besides her husband.

    How unreasonable will it be for me to miss work if she's in labor? Its really important for me to be there, because she really is more like a sister to me.

    Do you think I will meet resistance potentially needing time off for her labor? (I only work 2 days a week) or do you think it will be ok? We have lots of nurses sent home without pay recently for low census... so I think it would be ok, but I"m sorta nervous to talk with manager about it (even tho my managers are great).

    thanks for imput... I'll be talking to them tomorrow hopefully but wanted to get some imput before hand.
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  3. by   1styearsucks
    i dont think it is unreasonable especially since you are telling them in advance that you will be needing this time off.It is not like you are just calling off without notice. I think it will be ok. dont feel bad about taking time off for yourself.Yes, we as nurses are guilty of that!
  4. by   BinkieRN
    I would go ahead and tell your manager about the impending birth and that you will be off for it. If they have a huge problem with it then they'll just have to get over it. Family before Job always
  5. by   rn/writer
    If you work just two days a week, see if you can make some alternative arrangements in case you need them. You should have some kind of warning, especially if your friend is induced. If you have a plan in place to switch days with coworkers, everyone should be covered.

    Just went through this kind of suspense with one of my daughters, so I feel for you. I was able to be there for the birth. Hope you will be there for your friend.
  6. by   al7139
    It doen't sound unreasonable to me. See if you can be proactive, and ask your fellow staff if there is someone who would be willing to fillin or switch a day on short notice if you need it. As long as you give your mgr a heads up, they should be accommodating.
    Yesterday, I had a good friend pass away, but have not yet heard about funeral arrangements. I let my mgr. know as soon as I got to work what was going on, and that I would let her know ASAP about the funeral. She is more than willing to help me arrange this as long as I let her know when (NOT the day of!). I also have my coworkers that are willing to help if I need to switch a day.
    Just plan, and show you are willing to be flexible to arrange your needs.
  7. by   RNperdiem
    If you have arranged coverage with a coworker so that staffing is not affected, then approach your manager with your proposed plan.
    Things will not go well if you simply call in one day to say you are going to the L&D of a buddy of yours, leave the floor short staffed and get the reputation of being unreliable.
  8. by   mpccrn
    i agree, making arrangements for someone to work for you on short notice is a MUST. making co-workers work short is just never a very nice thing to do, regardless of the reason.