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The hospital I work at recently gave everyone in the hospital a raise. When I opened my pay slip today, I was surprised to see that I was getting a raise from $13.36 to 13.65. I've been making $13.76... Read More

  1. by   flashpoint
    The hospital's logic was that it was human error. A small enough error that no one caught it for 18 months but still simple human error. They told me that if I was cut a check for $8790 instead of $879, I would know it was an error and be obligated to point it out and not keep the extra...same thing even though I did not notice the error.
  2. by   Irwin0111
    Giving the right approach to this matter it is not necessarily make its way up to the court. your copy of their notice for salary increase speaks more than enough for everything untoward.It sure does bear a signatory right? let that person stand to speak up to your advantage to them that try to nullify what he has given authority for action. Let them suffer the consequence of their action and never let them continue on with their idea of a solution that took its way to bother you much.

  3. by   oramar
    I think you should get the lawyer to ask for a few thousand to cover your mental anquish.
  4. by   Katnip
    I was going to post sooner and got sidetracked. I'd found out that it is indeed legal for an employer to take money back for an error THEY made. Doesn't seem at all right, but it is legit.
  5. by   CseMgr1
    Originally posted by cotjockey ended up with my friend the lawyer going to bat for me with the hospital. Legally, they can expect me to pay back the amount that I was over paid. The way it was explained to me, it was the hospital's fault, but I still have to give the money back. They compared it to under billing a patient. If they forgot to add a room charge for a patient for three days, when they discovered the error six months later, they would have the right to re-bill. Since they discovered they were over paying me, they have the right to recover that money. So...I'll be getting $16 a week deducted from my paychecks for the next 18 months. Either I agree to it voluntarily or they can go to court and have my wages garnished. I agreed to let them takeit because having a garnishment looks terrible on a credit report. So, more or less I got sort of screwed. My manager did say that if I want to come in and do paperwork like chart reviews for a few hours a week I can to offset what they are deducting. Probably going to stay an extra hour every shift...we work three days a week, so not too big of a deal.
    This really sucks.
  6. by   azgirl
    I had an employer pay all of us too much. It was reported immediately but they fixed it a month later and gave us all an employee loan to repay.

    Same place took out for insurance but never arranged for the coverage so I paid for nothing.

    I think this tells you a lot about your present employer.
  7. by   jemb
    I think I would have let them take me to court, and would have asked the local newspaper send a reporter to cover the story. Who's to say the judge would agree with them?
  8. by   AB.ER.RN
    Pursue through HR....Talk to a lawyer......Once resolved..QUIT...Where are you that your'e making that piddly salary.Doesn't your hospital know there is a nursing shortage??.You may want to remind them of that in your exit interview.. Good luck..