Is there REALLY a nursing shortage? - page 21

This is an interesting article guys/gals... Here's the letter I wrote to the President, Vice-President, U.S. Congress Rep. and Senator: "I'm an R.N. and I recently started working as an agency... Read More

  1. by   longforseaair
    kafene, thanks so much for the up words, I've been needing them, feeling low.

    jingle2bells, which cities have the demand you speak of? In case of....ha!
  2. by   AtomicWoman
    Quote from 213jingle2bells
    Maybe a Nurse shortage in smaller communities,but in the city the demand is high.
    Which city is that? In Philly, near where I live, some hospitals have hiring freezes and I have read reports here on AN of new grads having trouble getting jobs.
  3. by   ACRN06
    Ha, I came to the same conclusion when I became a travel nurse.

    I wonder...

    If all the travel nurses and agency nurses stopped moving around and took staff positions, would there be a "nursing shortage"?