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Friend of mine is doing secretary work at a hospital. She says she has been getting bullied by a charge nurse. The nurse has yelled at her and even said things in front of other nurses like basically... Read More

  1. by   CharleeFoxtrot
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    I am going to be honest. I suspect this is you, not your friend. There is too much detail and, frankly, too much investment in things that are not any of your business if you aren't the person involved.
    My thoughts exactly.
  2. by   Wuzzie
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    S As far as my friend complaining to others, that is not so. Others have complained to her or vent about it. All she tells folks is go higher up cause she can't do anything but she listens.
    Then tell her to stop listening to them. No good can come of her being their sounding board. This is for her own protection.
  3. by   Ruby Vee
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    She gave examples like she would do what the charge nurse wants then the nurse would say she is doing it wrong. She has no issues with the other nurses but when this one is on shift, she leaves work exhausted and crying. I visited her and saw the woman do some mean stuff. I told her to just look for another job which she is doing but I feel she shouldn't have to change work over someone that can't hold ethics. This woman even broke HIPAA laws. Plus she always pulls the race card when she is punished. Somewhat I believe that is why she is still there.
    So was she doing things wrong? What "mean stuff" did you witness? What do you mean someone "can't hold ethics"? Examples?

    So far, this seems like a lot of noise over nonspecifics, and I have to wonder about the other side of the story.
  4. by   Ruby Vee
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    The charge nurse may not technically be the secretary's boss in the company hierarchy, as in the charge nurse isn't going to be the one doing her annual evaluations and approving her time cards.

    But the charge nurse does give the secretary direction as to what the secretary needs to do.
    Actually, I do the evaluations for two of our unit secretaries, another RN does the other two. And the charge nurse signs the time cards for the unit secretaries every shift.
  5. by   OldDude
    Lots of very good observations...when I was charge in the ER or nowadays, when I'm charge in the very busy pedi urgent care, I'm the one who is responsible for every kid being discharged in a condition better than when they arrived or they get hauled out by ambulance. I don't have time to're with me or you're against me. It's up to you...end of story; including the physicians, no distractions, no drama, no nothing. Just sayin...especially no time for drama.
  6. by   Wannabenurseneko
    I think the charge nurse is in charge of everyone on their floor .
  7. by   Ajean1203
    My question has been answered. She is leaving that position. Some of you here are saying I'm being vague and others say I'm too detailed. Which is it?
    She just told me bits and pieces. I saw this CN yell at her in front of everyone around the desk and even a patient guest saw it. It was something about the CN's clipboard missing and trying to blame her. Come to find the CN left it in a room.
    Racial stuff is one time the CN had told my friend it was a Hispanic thing and her being white, she wouldn't understand. She constantly brings that up.
    Ethics, the CN has used foul language loudly towards my friend and other staff and has talked really loud when ranting about a family member of a patient. Family was asking too many questions about patient care.
    My friend would mention pain med for pt to her. CN would sit texting on her phone for 20 min. Pt calls again, then my friend would tell her and she would say "oops I forgot." Then 30 min, pt calls really mad and she says she got stuck talking to a coworker and pt will get over it.
    She even refused to get a pt off a potty because that was assistant's job. Pt would be sitting for over 15 min because assistant busy washing a pt. She would yell at the assistant about taking long but meanwhile she is chatting at the desk with coworkers.
    Like I say she has been dealing with this for nearly whole time she been there.