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HI :) I was wondering if a lot of people is working and going to school full time. ITS SO HARD! how to balance everything!! i am still single with no kids, I can't imagine the people that does it... Read More

  1. by   dframirez
    ok I'm married and I have a daughter. I also work full time and I have studied full time. I was taking business and computer oriented courses so it really isn't anything compared to science courses and the nursing courses that I'll have in the near future. Because of this I will be quitting my day job in January. We are sharing an apartment with a friend (to save money). My husband will be the bread winner for 2 years (plus I'll have a part time as a proctor to bring in a little extra). To me the sacrifice will pay off in the end and that is what I have my eyes set on. It will all be worth it as I no longer will be stuck in a position for the rest of my life doing the same repetitive boring work I do every day. Oh and at least as a nurse I don't have to sit all day and develop a flat bu*t....ok you can tell I'm a secretary and I don't like my boss
  2. by   nurseleigh
    I worked full time through my second semester of nursing school. I had two little girls(2 and 4) and a husband. I had to cut back to part time for my last szemster though. 5 days a week of school and clinicals just left no time for work. Of course, we are really struggling to make the bills and I have to be sure to plan some time with my kids, but I wasn't willing to cut down to part time for school.

    It is very very hard but it can be done!!!

  3. by   New CCU RN
    I am working fulltime and doing prereqs for grad school (already have BSN but have a ton of classes I need to take before I can apply). Anyhow, it is tough. I work Baylor plan so basically I work all weekend and go to school during the week. One nice thing is that during the schoolweek I can concentrate totally on school and weekend totally on work.... and yeah....not so much time for fun or playing But just think this is not forever. It is only for a short time and in the end your sacrifices will be worth it all!!!!!!
  4. by   Vailgang
    I am 37, mother of five (one in college) and a husband, work 40 plus hours a week as a nurse/office manager. I usually take 6 hours per semester and this is hard during the summer. I am an LPN. Currently, I am taking just 4 hours but that is enough because having problems with my staff. It is very difficult at times but in the end it will be worth it. If you ever want to talk just e-mail me. Jill
  5. by   Pamelita
    Hey guys! thanks for your replies
    well, I am in finals now, I had to do so many papers!!
    I decided to finish my BSN in the summer, I can't believe I will finish it in one year!
    I also decided that I will study for the GRE"s and take a writting class to prepare myself for graduate level courses before I apply for the MSN programm.
    I have to stay in my sucky job because I couldn't handle starting a new job and school. I am thinking about leaving though maybe next year after I finish my BSN.
    Its so hard to decide its either one of the other but I came to the conclusion that school its worth it, as somebody said to me, you will never regret going to school, you will regret not going.
    I can see the light!!!!!!! very far.. but I can see it!!!!!
  6. by   renerian
    It is hard. I am working full time, and doing distance education in full time overtime. I am taking six classes at once. I have three kids still at home and two in college...........

    I am whipped all the time,

  7. by   lunakat
    Ya I am in the same boat your are. Just keep telling yours self you can do it and that it won't be much longer.
  8. by   annamill
    In my case it is terrible to work full-time and going to school full-time at nights.Recently married for the 2nd time,and dear sweet hubby is more demanding now,since family is on the back burner and I have a goal insight.Employer will not put me on week-ends,since I work with MDS.Nothing is going right for me except having GOD's in my life.Just in 2nd quarter of 8.I just keep praying to GOD on a daily bases for the strength to finish