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A couple of us were having this discussion tonight. One nurses says no it is not addictive. I said "well I've know some potheads who couldn't stop smoking, couldn't face life without pot, etc." ... Read More

  1. by   nurseT
    JennyP: That is too funny! I grew up in the 60s and 70s, smoked it, loved it, had a blast, and then I grew up. I would never risk trading my license for that today. I have observed the medicinal use with many dif DXs. From nausea due to chemo to the spasm relief from spastic MS. Comes in pill form called Marinol. Have also discovered that the only pts who are willing to try it after all other meds failed,smoked it as a kid. They're already hip to the S/E.
  2. by   sbic56
    Sounds like your ex had problems way bigger than a little pot smoking. Incontinence while under the influence of marijuana? That's a first (or close to it!)
    Always wondered what a stoned spider would spin:roll
  4. by   semstr
    A ladder to spider-universum?
  5. by   katieRNlove
    I'm no expert, and i don't smoke, BUT my brother does. his nickname is actually weed!!! Anyway i know that he smokes all the time and has quit smoking for jobs and what not with no problems or withdrawal. However i do believe that there is an underlying problem behing every addiction so if one is experiencing mental physical or emotional problems anyway anything that helps ease their mind could become an addiction. Just my opinion.
    Wonder if the spider who was stoned , spun slower? Kinda like us driving?
    Hmmm ponders what a spider gets the munchies for?
  7. by   katieRNlove
    Originally posted by Jenny P
    There was an incident here I heard about where a highway patrol pulled some kids over and asked how fast they thought they were going....... They told him they thought they must have been doing 80 or so; turns out they were all stoned and were actually doing 20mph on the freeway! Don't know if it was in the local papers or not but I work with the highway patrolman's wife.........

    That is hilarious!!! One of the times that i have smoked we were driving on the interstate. After we were done my friend in the passenger seat said "I'm not trying to be mean or talk bad about your driving but if you want to do 35, maybe you should get in the slow lane!!" Looking in my rearview I noticed the line of cars behing me growing larger!!! No wonder everyone kept passing and beeping!!!
  8. by   Spidey's mom
    The peeing all over the rug was caused by my ex- husband smoking himself into a stupor so deep that he didn't realize he had to pee and peed on the floor where he lay passed out. People pass out on all kinds of mind-altering substances . . . not unusual at all to pee when you are out cold. A little follow-up . . . .my marriage ended 16 years ago, my ex-husband still chooses drugs over his kids. My kid's step-day is their dad . . . . they love him. They tolerate their bio-dad. When they spoke with him on the phone last night, they were disgusted and disappointed. Seems he was intoxicated on something and kept repeating himself. I will continue to believe that making drugs legal is asking for more selfish behavior on the part of parents and kids left in the dust. Kids deserve more than that. stevie
  9. by   Vailgang
    I would really like to know if anyone has facts that I can give to my curious teenager and his friend. Does anyone have them or has anyone researched them? If you do please give them to me as I would love to share them.

    I have enjoyed everyone's opinions

  10. by   Spidey's mom
    Just a little clarification to those of you who don't think the marijuana grown in the good old USA has any ties to Columbia. Actually read an article, coincidentally, yesterday that said that the illegal aliens who guard the pot gardens in California's National Forests are hired by these same Columbian Drugs Lords portrayed in said anti-marijuana commercials . . . .they use the profits from selling marijuana to you casual, recreational users to fund making methamphetamine, which they sell to little 15 year old girls who then let men use their bodies for sex, make babies who are addicted to methamphetamine, and live lives of degradation. Are you all really nurses? Do you live with your heads in the sand? Are there an OB nurses out there who see the effects of illegal drugs on kids? The stats for my county show that over 50% of the babies born here are born with illegal drugs in their system. How in the world can legalizing drugs stop that? It is appalling that we fund Columbian Drug Lords and their murderous mayhem. Just because alcohol and cigarettes are legal doesn't mean that we should add to the negative effects of alcohol and cigarettes and the people who already use illegal drugs. Legalizing santions drug use. More people will use. More kids will be irrepairably hurt.
  11. by   sbic56
    I don't understand what the above tirade has to do with this thread. This thread starter is questioning whether or not marijuana may be addictive. It isn't proven and someone threw out the question to see what people thought. Maybe you can start another thread to make whatever point you are trying to make?
  12. by   fergus51
    stevie, I think we need to separate this debate over marijuana with your feeling about ALL illegal drugs. I am an OB nurse and am not in favor of most drugs being legalized. That said, I haven't seen a kid with serious health problems from recreational pot use. I have from cigarettes, heroine, crystal meth and alcohol among other things.
  13. by   sbic56

    You can never learn enough about what drugs are in the mainstream while your kids are growing up. They change with the times, so you really have to stay up on what's happening with kids right now. It was ecstasy when my youngest boy was a teen and alcohol when my oldest was. The most important thing is to be honest and know what you are talking about. Teens are smart. They already know what propoganda is out there and what is true. Give them the benefit of knowing that they are not going to loose their minds if they smoke a joint. On the other hand, it is imparitive to inform them that drugs have various negative effects, ie., marijuana is bad for the lungs and can decrease motivation, cocaine is extremely addictive, too much alcohol greatly impairs judgment. You catch my drift. Of course, the ultimate goal is to keep your kids from ever doing drugs, but also, be cognizant of what it means to be a teenager and that they probably will try something at some point, at the very least. I say keep the lines of communication open and stay calm and rational. When my boys were going through those curious years, I found this method worked well for us. They are sane happy and healthy adults today.