is it "an NP" or "a NP"

  1. i'm writing a paper for my role of the apn class and i cant figure it out!! :chuckle
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  3. by   P_RN
    An for the abbreviation. "N" begins with a vowel sound.

    A for the title Nurse Practitioner as there is no vowel sound.
  4. by   rachkar
    ahh. thanks. thats how i've been doing it, but its my first grad school paper and i want to make a good impression.
  5. by   smk1
    always "AN" before vowels, initials and abbreviations.
  6. by   James Huffman
    When speaking , it's "an NP."

    When writing a paper, it's "a nurse practitioner."

    : )

    Jim Huffman, RN
  7. by   nurse_wannabe
    I'm so glad you asked this.

    On my very first day of LPN school, we had to write an essay about why we wanted to be an LPN.

    Everywhere that I put "an" LPN, the instructor marked it out and put "a" LPN. It was an informal paper, and handwritten, so writing out licensed practical nurse every time just wasn't feasible.

    And this was the director of our program :uhoh21:

    I came home and looked it up on the net and I was correct in writing "an" LPN.
  8. by   TheCommuter
    NPs are now called advanced practice nurses.
  9. by   RN4NICU
    Quote from TheCommuter
    NPs are now called advanced practice nurses.
    Clinical Nurse Specialists and Nurse Anesthetists are also advanced practice nurses, but they are not nurse practitioners. An NP is an APN, but is also still an NP, one title is not a substitution for the other.