Is it possible to hold a p/t job while going to school f/t in nursing? - page 2

Is anyone here working p/t while going to school? How many hours? Is it hard to keep good grades and finish your homework? edit: I just realized this is probably in the wrong forum. Sorry.... Read More

  1. by   mamason
    Yes.....I went to school MON-FRI and then worked FRI nights, SAT and SUN days. I didn't have much time for anything else besides studying and sleep though. It was tough, but it can be done.
  2. by   TXRN02
    To echo what these others have said... YES! I worked 30 hours a week at my job, worked in the lab at school, tutored other nursing students in math, was vice-president of the nursing students association AND was single Mom to 2 & 4 yr old boys!

    Where there is a will, there is a way!
  3. by   aggieamy5
    I would say it's definately possible. My husband works a full-time job M thru F (8 to 5) and is going to school to get his RN full-time. What's nice is that he works for his dad, so he can leave work when is has class or clinicals, etc. This is really only about 1 day a week though, so he still works about 4 full days a week. It seems like he has PLENTY of time and it not stressed at all.
  4. by   santhony44
    Yes, as everyone else has said, it can be done.

    I worked full-time as an LPN during my ADN program, went to school full time, worked a sometimes crazy schedule and settled for B's not A's.

    I worked part-time while in my BSN program, this time with two kids, had a 3.94 GPA.

    When I went into my graduate program I was told that no way could I continue to work and do the program. I still worked part-time all the way through and had a pretty good GPA there too.

    It is tough, physically and mentally, and you have to make sacrifices, but it can be done.

    One thing I did was to find jobs where I would have some "down time" to read, study, etc. That helped a lot.

    If you really really really want to do it, you can. Good luck!
  5. by   Spatialized
    Can it be done? Yes. Is it wise? Depends on who you ask.
    Ask me, it was a wise and necessary choice (have to pay the bills.) Ask my wife and she'll say it was crazy and not worth it.

    I worked pretty much full-time between 2 jobs through the last year of nursing school (telemarketing and externiship), and full time through the first. I still made it out with a 3.9 and an intact family.

    Would I do it again? Nope.

  6. by   Jules A
    Like the others have written you do have to make every minute count but I thought it was ok. The people in my class that worked got grades as good as the ones that didn't work. I just can't imagine NOT working for a couple of years but thats just me. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  7. by   slou!
    I am working about 26-32 hours a week, so part-time for me. I also have the MOST repect for people who tackle nursing school, full time jobs, and families. Seriously I am 18 years old so no family of my own, and working p/t. I am only doing my pre-req's, too! I can only imagine how challenging it will be when I am in my junior/senior years, in nursing school. Right now I am a freshman. I feel a little challenged sometimes already and like I said I am just doing my pre-req's and working 26-32 hours a week! I am willing to cut down the hours because my education comes first, and I guess financially work tons of overtime when I am on breaks! I do that already because I really need the money. I am thinking about making the switch from my retail job to becoming a CNA while in school though..
    Are you doing pre-req's or are you a student nurse?

    Good luck to you!