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what words do you hear consistently pet peeve is when people wish to say oriented, as in alert and oriented, and they actually say orientated....where are they getting the extra... Read More

  1. by   LeesieBug
    Ammonia instead of pneumonia.....ugh

    As far as the Alzheimer's thing, I rencently heard someone in class refer to it as Oldsheimer's. That was a new one for me!

    Pitcher instead of picture also makes me batty.
  2. by   Aussienurse2
    I have a friend who constantly says " Happy mediocre" I have no idea what that is. It's used as in, during an argument we couldn't reach a happy mediocre. Any ideas?
  3. by   AAHZ
    Makes me hope none of you ever hear me speak. I have never been able to prounounce words "correctly". But I sure get a kick out of making new ones!
  4. by   LeesieBug
    The only thing I can think of for "happy mediocre" is that it is either the wrong way of saying or simply a different way of saying "happy medium". Around here people will say they have reached a "happy medium" a compromise
  5. by   sbic56
    Originally posted by unbridled

    nyukular for nuclear
    I'm so with you on that one. Do you hear us, Mr. President??:chuckle
  6. by   llg
    How about "pro - nounce- iation" instead of "pro - nun - ciation" ?

    However, we have to be a little careful with some of these examples. Some words can correctly be said a number of different ways -- depending on the country, etc. For example, "umbi - LIKE - us" is, in fact, a correct way to say the word in some locales.

  7. by   OrthoNutter
    Originally posted by BelindaLPN

    I work with a lady who says et instead of ate or eaten...drives me absolutly NUTS!
    Is she a Kiwi (New Zealander)?? If so, that's just the way they say ate. :P Like sex is six and six is sex lol
  8. by   Hooligan
    OK...this is a small one...but it drives me NUTS!!!! The word is ANYWAY not ANYWAYS!!!!!! Thanks you, I feel better now!

    Phew...sigh...much better now!
  9. by   majrn
    The word is mandatory, not mandantory.
  10. by   Ms.Hobbes
    I had a medical assistant write in a patient's chart that he was being seen by the doctor today for C/O Cirrhosis when he was really having a problem with psoriasis, just a small difference
  11. by   Liann
    Theirselves instead of themselves.

    Malaprops like "she sure hit the nail on the nose"

    And other funnies, like....we had a college student as a patient with some kind of heart trouble. I asked her student nurse if it was congenital...and he said...No, I think she was born with it......LOL
  12. by   mother/babyRN
    The correct word is oriented..
  13. by   sanakruz
    Here in California it's FUSTRATED-
    I find this very FRUSTRATING.