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Is it best for a new nurse who wants to work in medsurg at a hospital to start with the night shift? I would think it would be a slower pace so that you can focus more on how to use the computer and... Read More

  1. by   SobreRN
    Although I adjusted poorly to nights I must confess it was better for learning due to the pace. On days you are running around like crazy with admits + discharges. And then there are the omnipresent family who sometimes help but more often drain your emotional and physical reserves with constant demands, there is more micromanagement, much more.
    For aforementioned reasons I vote for nights as an overall learning experience.
    I also agree with Ninjanurse51 in that it is a tough adjustment; I never did adjust and am amazed I did it for 1st 5 years but there are a lot of nurses who adjust quite well and spend entire career and I thank God for them as nights are no longer a mandatory at new jobs. Only job-seeking experience I've had a a seasoned RN in which the hiring manager wanted only nights (a few years back) and I tole her I was physically/emotionally unable to work nights she stated "So you are UNWILLING to work nights?" I reiterated I was just unable to and it would not be safe for me to be half-awake, drive home falling asleep at the wheel and adversely impact my state of sobriety she just reiterated "So you are UNWILLING to work nights?" I get it, she only had nights open but she was unwilling to entertain idea of reapplying should a day position pop-up. Ironically it was for alcohol/drug rehab. It wouldn't have fazed her if I fell asleep behind the wheel or fell into using benzos for sleep thus I decided I was UNWILLING to go any further with that establishment. Most employers are more flexible on this and want a safe nurse. If you are a night owl it is a good match but if you wake up with the Roosters type it can be such a bad match it may not be worth the extra learning if you are too exhausted to retain it.
    As mentioned there is more opportunity to learn and develop more autonomy if you can adjust to it.