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Anyone have experience with IBS patients? My sis has had stomach pain for ages and had the endoscopy, is H pylori negative, and has tried all the acid reducing drugs with no relief, so the doc says... Read More

  1. by   clhsunfire
    I don't know the effects of IBS, but I had colitis diagnosed along with sclerosing cholangitis ( liver disease). The doctor predicted I would have to have my colon out in ten years from time of dx. I never had any problems with my colitis at first- it didn't even bother me really, kinda like I didn't have it. Well, I had a liver transplant when I was 13 in 1993 and four years later my colitis flared up all the time. I had bloody diarrhea, lost alot of weight, was dehydrated; my creatinine went up to 11.7 once. I was in the hospital millions of times. I had to have my entire colon removed in 1999. I have to admit though my symptoms of colitis came on rather sudden, but I had a strong appetite, bu ti could only eat bland food. When my colitis was flared, I had some terrible sharp stomach pains, especially if I tried to eat somethingi shouldn't have eaten. So, I guess IBS can show up as just stomach pains, maybe at times it can be worse than others, and I don't know if it gets worse over time. My experience with colitis was different from some others, so I guess every patient will experiecne different symptoms.

  2. by   sphinx
    I have IBS and was always under the impression it was stomach pain related to bowels (hence the name), and can be diarrhea, constipation, or alternating between both (that's me). I have also had other stomach pain, not related to my was severe epigastric pain. Really, really bad. I had labs drawn, 2 abdominal ultrasounds, an abdominal CT with and without contrast, endoscopy. Everything was *normal*. No gallstones, nothing enlarged or abnormal. Check and make sure if your sis has had a HIDA scan. A lot of docs just don't do it routinely, will say it's not your gallbladder just because your other tests are clear. I finally found a really good gastro doc who did a HIDA, and lo and behold my gallbladder was hardly functioning. My EF was in the teens. No stones, but my gallbladder was just not doing what it should. No wonder I was in pain! I had the darn thing out, and no longer have that pain.
    I still have occasional problems with IBS-usually stress related. The dietary suggestions others have mentioned are good ones, heck even if you don't have IBS! Hope your sister can get to the root of the problem! Sometimes the standard tests show nothing-when it really is something. BTW, a doctor usually does a scope, like a colonoscopy to rule out colitis or other inflammatory bowel diseases before coming to the conclusion you have IBS. (they can make an educated guess without that, but in other words, there's no definite test)
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  3. by   Liann
    Very interesting responses. I can see that this is a most complex condition and will require lots more research. Thanks for the info!
  4. by   rebelwaclause
    I have a question to those on this thread (Thanks Liann). A family member was told her 12 year old son has it, based on the fact that he has had scant amounts of bleeding from his rectum for about a year with no etiologies. Diagnostics are WNL. I told them to get a second opinion, but not being familiar with IBS, could this be true?
  5. by   P_RN
    I was dx for a long time with IBS.....NOT!!!! It's lactose intolerance.
    A Lactaid ultra with the first bite of dairy product and voila' no upset. Thank my Eastern European ancestry for those genes.

    Also after GB removal you may have diarrhea after eating because the bile is flowing all the time instead of only when fats are eaten.

    Sorbitol YES!!
    For some idiotic reason our pharmacy for a while mixed Carafate in Sorbitol for a "slurry"and the docs wondered WHY all their patients suddenly had diarrhea.

    Too much sugar can imitate IBS too you get a "dumping syndrome."

    I've tried all the proton pump inhibitors but Zantac (generic) seems to work best for my GERD.
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