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I have noticed many cna's and even nurses using ipods at work, even wearing them in patients rooms. half the time you can't even get their attention. does anyone else have a problem or concern with... Read More

  1. by   hica19
    when I worked night shift, I used to bring my cd player with me, but use it only when I'm on break. That's because breaks for night shift are different than breaks on dayshift. When people go on breaks for dayshift, they mostly just eat. When people go on breaks for night shift, most sleep. I'm not the type of person who sleeps so I would just rest in a comfy chair and listen to music to help me relax for a bit. But once my break is over, my cd player goes back inside my locker.
  2. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    We have Ipods for all of our ORs. They are put on a docking station with speakers, so we have music for the room for the day. The volume is kept at a normal level.

    But if any non-necessary device is causing distractions for any staff in any dept., it needs pulled.
  3. by   CritterLover
    i use mine when i'm doing non-patient care related tasks. i do a lot of qa/chart reviews for my job, and it is done outside of the hospital. i'm easily distracted, and since my desk is in a cubical, the music (noise) helps keep me focused.

    completely inappropriate in patient care areas, though. especially when rendering patient care.

    (though i agree it is ok in places like or/cath lab where music is often played. i think the issue is more d/t wearing the earphones than listening to music)
  4. by   DreamChaser80
    I work at night on a med-surg unit, a few nurses have ipod or mp3 players but they are not going down the hall listening to them or into pt's rooms. They also dont have it turned up to wear they cant hear whats going on. No the CNA's on the other had do, well only this one does and he sings out loud. He has it turned up so loud that you can hear the music. I think that is childish and dangerous.