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  1. Hello everyone. I am new to the board so I better introduce myself. I am an ICU nurse from London, England. I am coming to work in the States in September and I am about to undergo a job interview by phone. Can anyone recommend some interview questions that I might come across? I have never interviewed with a US facility before and I am not sure what to expect. My interviews in England were always quite informal. Am I going to be grilled with lots of scenarios and role play? I am going for a basic ICU position. Any contributions are much appreciated.
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    The truth is anything could happen. Since there is no national health service in the US there are as many mission statements as there are institutions. There are as many different ways an interview could go as there are institutions. You could be interogated like a prisoner of war or you could talk for two minutes and be told to report for physical in a day or so. My most unfavorite question is the old "tell me about your weaknesses". My advice is to not to put yourself down in an interview. I respond by saying, "my weakness also happens to be my great strength". "I am extremely sensitive to my patient's emotional state." "This makes me very likely not only to respond to their needs but to be out ahead and anticipate their needs." But then I add, "Unfortunately empathy has a down side, since I actually feel other peoples physical and emotional pain it can really take a toll on me". There will usually will then ask "how do you deal with that?" I just tell them I try to care for myself as if I were my own patient.
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    OH, I meant to add, GOOD LUCK and best wishes.
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    Thanx oramar...that's helpful. Look forward to hearing from others too!
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    Oramar covered it beautifully, as usual. I wish to welcome you rocknurse, to the boards and to the USA when you arrive. Best of luck to you.
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    The links to these articles full of tips for job-hunting nurses were posted in another thread. They may be helpful to you too:

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