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  1. Happy holidays to all,

    I just passed the fundamentals section of my program, and will be taking OB and Psych next semester. I would like to get an internship this summer since I feel that the clinicals in school don't give you enoguh exposure.

    I would like to know if I will qualify after only one year in nursing school? During an internship do you get your own patients or are you with a preceptor? What units are they in?

    Any experiences, tips are welcome.

    Thanks so much
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  3. by   bullcityrn
    I would say that they best thing to do is check directly with any hospitals in your area where you would like to work to see what their internship requirements are. All of the hospitals in my area list these kinds of opportunities under their nurse employment websites as well as the deadlines.

    Here in my area, internships are only available to new graduates. However, they all have summer externship programs which are open to rising senior nursing students. From what I understand, these paid positions last about 12 weeks and include nurse shadowing, classroom time, and nursing assistant duties (you have to be registered as a CNA to apply). Maybe your area hospitals offer the same?

    Hope this helps!
  4. by   Daytonite
    What you need to do is contact the hospitals where you live and find out what they can offer you. Each facility will lay down their own rules and requirements for an internship, externship or student employment. The alternative might be to get a job as a nurse tech which many hospitals will do. In almost all cases, it's going to require that you put in an application just as you would for any other job position. Do you know how to get a list of hospitals so you don't leave any out any possibilities? You can get these lists, often online, from your state department of health which is usually the state organization that licenses hospitals (every healthcare facility has to have a license to operate) or the state or local chapter of the American Hospital Association.
  5. by   Jules A
    Our local hospital has a summer program. You need to have completed certain nursing courses/clinicals. Definitely start checking now because here you have to apply by April and the competition can be pretty stiff. Good luck.