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  1. by   scrappy
    Originally posted by fedupnurse
    Hey Scrappy! You know what I would've said to that one get some lips and kiss my a$$!!!!!
  2. by   finallyRN
    I work in OB, Midwife called doc about a pt with PIH who was 39 weeks. His orders Mag and Just get her delivered. Like we were going to let her stay pregnant with bp of 160/100
  3. by   boobaby42
    "D/C from breast by the time the patient goes to college." This is what doc dictated after trying to convince the mom to wean her 4 year old daughter who was, by the way, a failure to thrive, and introduce more solid foods.
  4. by   Bossbutterfly
    The first time a Swiss MD ordered to put EOSINE and phoen of a stage 2 ulcer on a coccyx my mouth dropped.. Seeing as Eosine is mercurocrom and a pheon is a HAIRDRYER!!...
    So theres me dowsing someones already sore backisde in Eosine then proceeding to apply a hairdryer ( set to low..) QUITE THE EXPERIENCE! (I havent got a scientific answer to this practice either... Despite my questioning!!!)
  5. by   MollyMo
    A friend received the following admission order from a cardiologist: "Write whatever the hell you want." So, she did--2 pages. Then she copied everything and made an incident report.

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  6. by   MollyMo
    Originally posted by Marj Griggs
    Order on a CHF pt: (The unit had about 30 pts and 1 RN, 1 SN and an aid) "Watch Patient" My colleague said "I watched him---run down the hall, out the door and down the street", dressed only in a hospital gown. Security caught up with him about 3 blocks away.
    I had a "watch him" order on a patient in SVT heart rate 160's. We had that order given to about 4 different nurses who called about him. The assistant nurse manager and I "watched him" until he went into V-tach. After initiating the code, we called the cardiologist and said "he's in v-tach, can we stop watching him now?" He was a little upset with us. Thank God the patient lived.
  7. by   l.rae
    New one....'Turn left". received at 2 am from a sleepy resident when asked for a diet order.
  8. by   Stargazer
    "D/C from breast by the time the patient goes to college."
    Bwah ha ha ha haa! Boobaby, that is hilarious. Was that really written in the chart?

    l.rae, your story reminded me of the time I had to call a surgical intern in the middle of the night. Spent about 10 minutes going over vitals and labs and he gave me some orders, then asked me what patient we were talking about again. So I went through it again, confirmed the orders and hung up. 30 minutes later he wandered into the ICU all rumpled and sleepy and sheepishly asked who he'd just been talking to and whether the orders he'd given made any sense! LOL! I think he thought he'd dreamed the whole thing.
  9. by   RN4ustat
    Originally posted by kaknurse
    I once had an order for 30cc Black Velvet q6hrs prn. Pt was an alcoholic. I know the doc wanted to prevent DT's but there are other ways to do that.

    I have seen a similar order. We cared for the town drunk when I was working at a small rural hospital. The doc dried him out but he turned into a gork, so the doc gave up and ordered his whiskey for him.......I think it was Wild Turkey. The poor old guy was never the same again. We kept the booze locked up and counted it jusst like the narcs!!
  10. by   nurse kratchet
    we have a chf pt on aspiration precautions with no gag reflex that nurses must supervise with all meals. order ,lasix 40 mg if pt eats more than 50% which she barely eats at all. dnr but needless to say she's out to the hospital q week in chf and pneumonia. he's our med director and will not change it!
  11. by   Curlytop
    Originally posted by micro
    what troubles me is when pt. has definitively indicated and all legal paperwork is in place......that they are a dnr/dni........but yet everything i mean everything is done.........why...........

    also when you know what the patient wants done and not done.....but procedures are done anyway......

    sorry for the somber response........but sometimes in nursing this is what we see...............
    Couldn't agree more- in ICU I see that too often- especially when the family is has decided on a DNR and the stupid, paternalistic md gives them a shread of hope to grab a hold to.

    And what's up with "Chemical Code Only" orders as opposed to DNR??? We're going to ONLY give the ACLS MEDS and NOT do chest compressions or ambu with oxygen- I've never witnessed that to work. I say either Full Code or No Code.

    Oh Yeah-- How about "Up to chair QID" for a total-lift patient who is half comatose. YEAH RIGHT!!
  12. by   fedupnurse
    Couldn't agree more Curlytop! We just went from a Level sytem of DNR (dirt nap request) to code or no code. BUT, you knew there ahd to be a but, that only means for an arrest situation. If their BP is low we have to treat it, they still get blood products, they are still aggressively treated until they go apnic or pulseless.
    And the false hope!!! OMG!! Don't even get me started on THAT one! I have gotten to the point where I tell families that "unfortunately, Dr._____, tends to paint a very rosy picture. Here is what I have seen in 10 years of doing this..." Most families are grateful for the truth.
  13. by   mattsmom81
    How about "Get correct insurance info from patient". I informed him politely this was NOT my job nor a good idea; he persisted in writing it as an ORDER.

    This one I sent directly to risk management, and my it creates a conflict of interest and is not good PR..