Indiana Nursing Job Availabilities???

  1. Dear Indiana Allnurses Siblings

    I am hoping my Indiana Allnurses Siblings can share with me what you know about the job possibilities for nurses in Indianapolis, IN as I will soon be a resident of Indiana, and will be in the market for a nursing position.

    I will need a RN refresher course, or a hospital that is willing to hire me as a RN who has been inactive in nursing for the past five years. Any help you can offer me will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so very very much,
    Cheerfuldoer.....Renee :kiss
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  3. by   Lausana
    Yay Renee! Bet your thrilled to be leaving the Texas heat :chuckle

    I'm no help on the topic of course, but Indy & Louisville KY are the 2 cities besides my own I'm really interested in so I'm anxious to hear the replies
  4. by   OB/GYN NP
    Hi Cheerfuldoer...Renee! I live in Indpls, and can tell you that there are definitely jobs available, just maybe not in the specialty you want. I saw postings for RN jobs available at Community Hospital North and East (big hospital system here with several hospitals in the network), mostly in med surg. Don't know what the pay scale is there, but a friend fo mine with a few yrs RN experience makes about $21/hr. here in Indpls. She works days, so nights would be higher. I think any experience would probably get you a job, just maybe not in a specialty area without recent experience. I know that the Community Hosp network used to offer refresher courses, too, so you might try that. Their website is There are lots of other big hospital networks here, too, so you shouldn't have trouble finding a job. Good luck!
  5. by   AmiK25
    I am a BSN student in Indianapolis and I know there are tons of nursing jobs available here!! Some good web sites to try are Clarian Health (they operate three large, teaching hospitals), Community Hospitals of Indianapolis (there are three) and also St. Vincent's and St. Francis (each have two hospitals). I am sorry I don't know exact addresses but if you search on yahoo for those hospitals in Indianapolis, you should find them easily. St. Vincent's also just opened a new heart hospital and are desparate for employees from what I've heard...if you are interested in cardiac.

    Do you know where you will be living? If you can tell me what area you are going to live in, I can tell you the closest hospitals to you and what I know about them. I would be happy to answer any questions you have!!!
  6. by   RN auditor
    Welcome new Hoosier. I live in Northern Indiana. My advice to you is don't narrow your search. think outside the box when looking. I did that and I found a supreme position as an auditor. I get to still use my nursing skills (at least mentally) but I get to work mon-friday. Best of luck.
  7. by   Nursenan0
    Hi Karen,
    I'm a Hoosier recently relocated to Ohio. From my experiences.....RN's are scarce in quite a few places in this area. I'm not partial to hospital settings but the news on TV has recently ran sections on "RN's leaving the nursing field as fast as they enter" I dont know if this is widespread or just certain locations or maybe even certain fields of nursing. I havent heard of any RN having problems finding a position, just finding one they want to keep. I also would be interested in hearing from other locations as to RN availablilities.
  8. by   RN auditor
    I think you are right. The position seem to be available alot of it depends on how choosy you are and what you are willing to settle for. For me it always depended on what suited my family best. We have openings from ER to Med/Surg to physician's offices.
  9. by   christianRN
    Renee, I can't believe we Hoosiers are going to be blessed with your presence!! AmiK25 listed the "big players" of Indy, so if you're looking for big hosp, (who will probably have better refresher classes, and more to offer) that sounds good. HOw soon will your move be? Glad you'll be our neighbor!!
  10. by   deespoohbear
    Renee, welcome to the Hoosier state!! I have lived in Indiana all my life (first Evansville, now near Ft. Wayne). The cost of living here is reasonable. I don't know much about jobs in Indy, but I do see some posted in the Ft. Wayne Sunday classifieds for Indy. Like another poster stated, there are several hospitals in Indy that are looking for nurses. I am sure there are plenty of other nursing positons outside of the hospital too. Best wishes, and keep us posted.

    I travel thru Indy several times a year on my way to Evansville to visit my parents. I'll wave at you sometime when I am driving thru.
  11. by   bestblondRN
    Hi Renee,

    Glad to hear you're going to be joining us in Hoosierland! My sister is a nurse in the Indy area and should be able to get some info about the job scene there. I'll P.M. you with anything I find out. Incidentally, she was out of nursing for about 5 years also, and went into long-term care when she returned to it (caring for the elderly is her passion). She seemed to have relatively little difficulty with readjusting, but then again, she's not in acute care.
    What kind of nursing did you do before? What would you like to do? I'll get some info and let you know what's available. Again, welcome to Indiana--we're glad to have you here!!!!!
  12. by   indynurse
    If you are looking for a smaller hospital, Women's Hospital of Indianapolis offers a "refresher course" for nurses who have been out of practice for a while. There is a small fee for this course, but it is either waived or refunded if you agree to work for the hospital for a period of time after you complete the course. The hospital has OB, GYN med-surg floor, and a geriatric psych unit that you could probably apply for. Different departments have 8 and/or 12 hour shifts. Their website is
    While the vast majority of pts are women, the gero-psych unit has some male pts and the "GYN" med-surg floor gets a few male pts from a large urology group that does surgery at Women's.
  13. by   traumaRUs
    I lived in Indy from 92 to 96 and worked at the VA Medical Center in the MICU/CCU. Loved it!!! Good pay and benefits too. I always had wanted to work at Wishard Hosp which is the county hospital, inner-city, etc., but didn't move to ER nursing until I moved to Illinois in 96. Indy is a great city - lots to do.
  14. by   shannonRN
    first things first, no matter what anyone tells you...there is not more than corn in indiana!!!!! my fellow hoosiers will understand and soon you will too!!

    okay, seriously... my fiance is going to be doing 3 months of his pharm d rotation at wishard starting in october. i'm sure i can convince him to do a little research for you...let me know if you are interested! good luck with the job hunt and welcome to indy!