inappropriate language/behavior-LONG

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  3. by   TexasPediRN
    My two cents..

    Thats sexual harrassment and its wrong. You need to make a complaint and it should be taken seriously.

    If the director doesnt take you seriously, then go to the next person up the food chain. Keep going til someone listens..

    Have you ever tried telling him something along the lines of "I dont appreciate what you are saying and I dont want to hear it again. Its sexual harassment, and if you continue I will report you. " Maybe a 'threat' might work for him?

    Its sounds like you like your job, and its just this guy thats making it bad for you. I'm sorry to hear about that..but I would recommend just going up the food chain and making a complaint to whomever you can. I'm not sure who else to voice your concerns to, but maybe some others nurses could help out with that.

    I wish you the best... I dont know exactly what to tell you, I just wanted to add my 2 cents
  4. by   ortess1971
    We have an orderly on the day shift that gets a little touchy feely-someone complained once and they were told "that's just part of his culture" I'm telling you right now, if he ever does that to me he will get a swift kick in the nads and I will tell HR- not putting up with perverts is part of MY culture!
  5. by   Cute_CNA
    Quote from ortess1971
    I'm telling you right now, if he ever does that to me he will get a swift kick in the nads and I will tell HR- not putting up with perverts is part of MY culture!
    Good point!
  6. by   Daytonite
    this kind of stuff is a no-no with the equal employment opportunity commission and they would come down hard on your bosses if you make a complaint with the eeoc and they decide you were harassed, complained about it and nothing was done. your facility, by federal law, is supposed to have a sexual harassment policy in place. you need to look it up, get a copy of it and follow exactly what it says to do. weren't you informed of the facility sexual harassment policy during your orientation? they are supposed to cover this with all new employees and have them sign an affidavit that you received this information. you need to renew your complaints with your manager and whoever is above her if need be and start letting them know you have re-read the harassment policy and you are doing what the policy says. start a little notebook and document every incident that occurs with this man from now on with dates and names of witnesses who overheard what he said. you may need that information if it comes down to going to the eeoc for help.

    in the meantime, practice saying this very sternly, "i told you not to talk to me using that kind of language" or, "stop bothering me or i'm going to file a complaint about you with human resources." and, do in front of other people if you can so you have witnesses.

    you cannot laugh or smile at this man's crude humor anymore. you cannot give him any kind of hint, nor anyone else either, that the things this man says are in any way cute. they will use that against you. every time he does something like that and aims it directly at you, you have to get up the nerve to speak a short, crisp stern statement to him as i suggested at the very beginning of this post. the first time you do it's hard, but it gets easier and easier each time you have to repeat it. - for basic information on sexual harassment in the workplace. protection from sexual harassment is federal law.

    i am very sorry you have found yourself in this position. unfortunately, i don't think you can sit back and try to be a "nice guy" anymore. you have to do something about this. it's not just about you, but also for all the others he has done this with. also, the managers and supervisors who have ignored your requests for assistance in stopping him are just as guilty of promoting his actions as he is! shame on them.