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I think we're all due for this thread. At the risk of encouraging a great deal of sexist comments, I would like to propose that we all share how special male nurses are. I would like to... Read More

  1. by   nfauber
    My heart sings a new song when I read and consider the praises many of my sister RN colleagues have offered in this comment thread.
    Having been an RN for over 12 years, I have experienced many obstacles that may or may not have been present in the careers of my female counterparts.
    This includes a final semester clinical instructor who attempted to fail ALL of her male nursing students (even two who otherwise had straight A's); receiving large amounts of verbal abuse from an older RN, who was very bitter toward any of the opposite sex, and leaving her physically abusive husband and son.
    I learned early on how to include other staff RN's when asked to 'help move my heavy patient', and how great Aleve works after that long 12 hour shift on the ortho floor.
    I also learned to consider all of my female nursing colleagues as sisters, which helps to keep the 'maleness' to a minimum, brings a great comeraderie to the work place, and helps when that female patient absolutely refuses to allow me to catheterize her, even with the husband present.
    My friends, the few, but growing numbers of men RN's want to make our hard working profession better, so continue encouraging those male RN colleagues, because we really enjoy working with you, do not mind getting in the MD's face (respectfully of course) about something that is really bugging you. We are all in this together, lets work together and make the Nursing profession a better career for all.
    God Bless.
  2. by   tomrnff
    Thanks for the kind words. They could not have come at a better time. I am working on my 13th year of ER nursing. I recently changed from adult to pediatric ER. I have found myself questioning my ability to continue much longer.

    After reading the supportive posts in this latest issue, it seems as if I have a 'second wind'.

    I agree with Duane that we are all in this together. Thanks again. I would love to work with any of you any day. Make that nights---my steady shift.

  3. by   sandstormsdust
    it seems that the male nurses had to encounter the same prejudices in the Nursing field that the female doctors encountered in the MD field

    ~errr.... just another thought
  4. by   illya
    i remember being upset by the term "male nurse" now i don t hear it anymore. its like 2nd nature. it s like a nurse, male ok and i like it
  5. by   cmggriff
    In 18 years of nursing I too have worked with some *****y, whiny men who loved to work the rumor mill. In fact I work with a guy like now (but not for much longer). It's funny how some behaviors seem to be more acceptable in one sex than in the other. And Mario, some of the finest care givers I have ever had the privilege to work with have been aides (before CNA). Gary
  6. by   nursemt850
    I think male nurses have to deal with a lot more stuff during nursing school. To all the male nurses, just remember your OB rotations(cant do an assessment on a female because her husband wont let you,etc..)
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    never had that problem in nursing school or ever since. the husbands like me and my patients love Me,
  8. by   a-rose
    There is seldom male nurse in China. I don't meet any male nurse s. And is there more troubles to work with the male nurse or not? I am curious about that.
  9. by   adrienurse
    A-rose, as with women co-workers, there are ones I absolutely love and those that I never want to see again. I do have a special place in my heart for male nurses, though.
  10. by   GPatty
    We have 3 men in our class right now. I don't really know 1, and another is one of those "indecisive" types that need a lot of hand holding. I don't know how he'll act on the floor when hge actually gets his license, but I hope a little more confident! He's a good guy though.
    But there is one, who will be an excellent nurse....he's kind, gentle and thorough. The patients we have in clinical situations love him.....
    Best of luck to all of them!